Wuhan elderly man wins 25 million yuan prize

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In the evening of February 15th, the number of 05, 10, 19, 20, 29, 31+14 was issued in the 2022016 phase of the Lucky Double color ball. A total of 15 first prizes were issued nationwide during the period, among which 4 were issued from two betting stations in Wuhan, which were 4 9+1 double tickets with identical numbers.News spread, we have speculation: in view of the winning two betting stations are not far apart, the time interval between the 4 tickets is not large, and the serial number of the 4 tickets is connected in pairs, so, the 4 tickets are the same person to buy it?February 16 at 11 a.m., the grand prize winner Mr. Li (hua surname) with his wife, appeared at the provincial lottery center prizes, revealed the answer to the riddle: 4 tickets is he a person to buy.Mr. Li bought two 9+1 tickets at each betting station.Each ticket won 6.25 million yuan, bringing the total for the four tickets to 25 million yuan.Why not go to two sites instead of one?And always call the same number and never change?Mr. Li replied, “This is my buying habit for many years.I like to go to different sites and always buy the same set of numbers I like.You may not believe it, that day, I planned to go to the third site to bet again, but there were too many people at that site, so I gave up at last, otherwise I would have received six first prizes today.”Mr. Li is 60 years old, which happens to be his birth year.He said, “I won four first prizes at once. That’s a lot of luck.”Mr. Li is an old friend of bicolor and has been playing bicolor for more than ten years.He said that over the years, regardless of good times and bad times, the love of playing the lottery has never been lost, and buying the two-color ball has almost never dropped.Every time he won the prize, even if it was only 5 yuan, Mr. Li could feel great pleasure.”Besides, the lottery is a public welfare enterprise. Even if you don’t win, the money you put into the lottery has done good things. There is no regret.”Mr. Li said.As for this bet, Mr. Lee said he generally buys as much as he feels.As long as you feel good, you’ll buy more bets.February 15 is the drawing day of the two-color ball.That afternoon, Mr. Li got up during his lunch break and went to two betting stations successively with his 9+1 double entry number that he had assembled at home. He punched two tickets in each betting station.At the third betting station, he thought it was too crowded and gave up.At 11 o ‘clock in the evening, Mr. Li ready to go to bed, before bed as usual to play mobile phone, see the lottery number.At first glance, the number seemed familiar to him.Careful check, found his 9+1 numbers and lottery numbers all matched.He rushed to tell his wife the good news.The wife does not understand lottery ticket, say: “you buy is 9 number, open but 6 number yo.”Mr. Li laughed and explained to his wife the reason of “single style” “double entry” “double casting” “courage drag”, and his wife finally nodded her head.Mrs. Lee said with a smile, “I was only excited for a moment when I heard we had won the lottery, but he didn’t fall asleep all night.”She said: “My husband wanted to wait a few days to redeem the prize.I said, get it early, get it early.”In this way, in the early morning of 16th, the couple, according to the old habit, crowded the subway, transfer the bus, from Hankou to the Optics Valley, appeared in the provincial blessing lottery center to cash the prize.Mr. Li said: “our husband and wife through ups and downs for most of their lives, now won the lottery, I sincerely thank the welfare lottery to bring us lucky!”