To deepen technological innovation, GOME eka continues to provide efficient and safe financial services

2022-08-18 0 By

Technology has become one of the core driving forces for the development of consumer finance industry.Consumer finance enterprises represented by GOME Eka are accelerating technological innovation and continuously deepening the application of new technologies to serve more users.As the first consumption installment platform under GOME, Gome Eica has continuously improved the user service level through deep cultivation of retail scene in recent years.Up to now, GOME easy card products cover cash consumption, store installment, online mall installment and other services.While deepening the retail scene services, GOME eka also attaches great importance to technological innovation and the application of new technologies.Relying on the technical accumulation and digital technology capability continuously accumulated by GOME, relying on the high-quality retail scene resources of Gome, gOME Eica provides more users with high-quality, diversified and practical fintech services by enabling technology and giving play to the scene advantages.For example, based on big data technology, GOME has established compass user insight system, water drop risk control system, greatly promote precision marketing and improve the risk management mechanism.With the help of big data technology, GOME easy card can achieve a highly automated and intelligent risk control process, while improving efficiency, greatly reducing labor costs.In fact, behind the continuous promotion of technological innovation by GOME Easy Card is also related to the development trend of the application of technological innovation in the consumer finance industry as a whole.At present, in the whole consumer finance industry, AI, big data, cloud computing, block chain and other major cutting-edge technologies have gradually penetrated into customer acquisition, risk control, credit enhancement, capital management and other links, covering the whole business process.Consumer finance enterprises, including GOME Eka, are constantly committed to establishing a digital credit system and creating an online intelligent marketing pattern of “thousands of faces”.In terms of risk control, in credit risk assessment, the combination of big data and offline information can help verify the real information and solvency of borrowers.In terms of credit enhancement, cutting-edge technology can help borrowers with different qualifications accurately match the differentiated risk preferences of financial institutions;In terms of funds, blockchain and other tools are added to effectively solve the problem of enterprises continuously tracking the repayment and use of users’ funds.Disassembly of the application of innovative technology in all aspects of consumer finance business shows that technology has become an essential core means for the whole business of consumer finance, from risk control, credit enhancement to capital management.Gome easy card is also so.In particular, risk control.Risk control ability is the core of the sustainable development of consumer finance industry, and credit risk control is the most important.Different from the risk control of traditional credit business, the consumer finance industry mostly carries out risk control through online, and its credit risk has its own unique features, that is, the diversity of touch scene, the difference of customer group characteristics, the rapidity of risk exposure and the weakness of customer credit.In view of the characteristics of consumer finance loans, the consumer finance industry usually realizes risk control through fintech, big data and data modeling, etc. In view of the rapidness of risk exposure, it needs to constantly iterate on risk control models and strategies to maintain the effectiveness of risk control.Take GOME eka as an example. Since its establishment, GOME eka has continuously optimized its risk control model and strategy through technological innovation, and continuously promoted the intelligent risk control process.Generally speaking, technological innovation and application have become the stable support for the healthy development of the whole consumer finance industry.Gome will also continue to promote technological innovation, deepen technical services, and continue to introduce more advanced technology to provide users with more efficient and safer consumer financial experience.