The boy rolled up his sleeves in defiance of the beating until his father drew out the stick: Strike the child as soon as possible

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In the past, Chinese people believed that “filial son will be born under the stick”. If a child made a mistake, he would be slapped. Although simple and crude, the effect was good.Nowadays, children are exposed to electronic products at an early age and mature enough to have their own ideas. Their parents’ simple and rough way of education may not convince them.In addition to the children are spoiled, a parent in the discipline of children, another parent speak to maintain, the child has relied on, more secure.Whatever the case, teach your child as soon as possible.Three years old look at the big seven years old, the child’s personality will be finalized at a very young age, once the small time is not strict discipline, the bigger the more difficult to manage, and then hit the youth rebellious period, the parents will be more big.On January 30, after being beaten by his father, a boy aged seven or eight in Kunming, Yunnan province, rolled up his sleeves until his father pulled out the stick and gave him a complete childhood.The boy was at this age when he was mischievous. When he made a mistake and was reprimanded by his father, he would talk back and his father slapped him. Angrily, he rolled up his sleeves and followed his father, panting, as if he wanted to do something.It was outside. Seeing him like this, his father calmly went to the flowers, took out a thin stick, and beat the boy directly, so that he could feel the completeness of his childhood.We don’t know what the boy’s upbringing was like, but judging by his behavior after the beating, you can tell there’s definitely something wrong with his education.When we were children, our parents were still quite authoritative, and their beating and scolding were very effective for us. At least when we were beaten, we knew we had done wrong and would not do it again.But now the child is terrible, his parents beat him, he dared to roll up his sleeve provocation, fortunately his father did not continue to spoil him, find a stick to beat him.That is, the boy is still young, the father can use force to suppress, if you can’t discipline him, when the boy grows up, and the father’s strength is reversed, then he will definitely rebel, and then it is difficult to control.But discipline can not only force means, or in a calm time to reason with the child, let him know where he is wrong.”If my son was like this, he wouldn’t grow up to be this big,” one netizen said.”If you don’t do it now, someone will help you do it in society,” another netizen said.Another netizen said, the child looks very unconvinced ah, must not relent, beat him until he is convinced.Some netizens said that the child was spoilt and dared to fight back with his father at such a young age. How can he grow up?Simple point of view children dare to fight with their parents is certainly wrong, to timely discipline.But violence alone can not solve the fundamental problem, the child’s heart is not necessarily convinced, to let him understand where he is wrong.Some parents try to save trouble, children make mistakes, will only beat and scold, but do not pay attention to communication with children, so that to the later force can not control the child, will use foreign forces to discipline children, let children and their own gradually.When we were young, we were beaten a lot. At that time, our parents didn’t know any other way of education. With the development and progress of society, we also came into contact with more educational ideas.No matter how busy you are, it is no excuse. No matter how successful you are in your career and how much money you make, if your children are poorly educated, all your efforts will be wasted.Therefore, education children must be patient, careful.