The Chinese New Year is coming. Remember to eat more of this dish. It is hot and nutritious to satisfy your appetite

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After the Little New Year, the Spring Festival is getting closer. There is a heavy snowstorm these days, and the temperature drops to single digits. The temperature is so low that it is freezing cold.My child is picky all the time, the child is also in development period, no appetite will lead to the lack of nutrition, must stimulate taste buds, let appetite better.Today, I would like to share my family’s specialty dish — kimchi mushroom tofu soup. The ingredients are very simple, and the soup is especially nourishing and nutritious. Eating more won’t make you fat.Many people do not know how to cook this kimchi mushroom tofu soup, how to make it?Let’s talk more about it.The Chinese New Year is coming. Remember to eat more of this dish. It is hot and nutritious to satisfy your appetite.Ingredients selection: choose a purple onion, choose a few cloves of garlic, choose a piece of tender tofu, choose a few green pepper, some cooking oil, Korean kimchi about 100 grams, prepare a small number of yellow bean sprouts, appropriate hot water, light soy sauce a little, dark soy sauce and oyster sauce a little, a little green onion, other condiments.Cooking tips: You need to buy good flammulina mushroom, kimchi and tofu, flammulina mushroom to clean, master the kimchi flammulina mushroom tofu soup making skills, it is very difficult.Good detailed steps: step 1: choose and buy some of these ingredients, first remove the needle mushroom roots a lot (according to the part is very dirty, must remember to remove, and requires repeated wash) step 2: lily flowers all tore into small flower, lily flowers put in the container, add water and salt respectively, needle mushroom with salt water to soak for a while, repeatedly wash and drain off water.Step 3: cut the purple onion in the middle, cut into some onion shreds, some garlic into garlic slices, green pepper into some small pieces, green onion into fine sections, set aside.Step 4: Soak the tofu in water and cut it into chunks. Pinch off the roots of the bean sprouts, wash and drain. Prepare some garnishes and start cooking the kimchi mushroom tofu soup.Step 5: Add some hot oil to the bottom of the pan, add some garlic slices and stir-fry until fragrant. Add shredded onion and stir-fry for about 20 seconds. Add pickles and stir-fry quickly for a while.Step 6: Put in the bean sprouts and stir-fry them until they are raw. Add several bowls of hot water, two tablespoons of Korean chili sauce, and one tablespoon of light soy sauce to the pot, and simmer the broth with high heat.Step 7: Put a layer of flammulina mushroom on the bottom of the pot, add the bean curd and cook for about 5 minutes, cover the pot and let it taste, add some millet pepper.Step 8: Add a little dark soy sauce and oyster sauce, salt and sugar (mainly for seasoning), weiji fresh and chicken essence, push with a spatula.Step 9: Let the soup simmer until it is full of flavor, then sprinkle with some shallots, and you will have the kimchi mushroom tofu soup. The tofu is tender and delicious, and the soup is perfect for both adults and children.Kimchi mushroom tofu soup is my family’s original specialty dish, the cost of the dish is not high, the method is very simple, do not need too much cooking, the soup is very thick, the tofu is very tender, the mushroom is fresh and tender, a pot of several ingredients, fresh and tender, is children’s favorite food.Do you know the recipe for this kimchi mushroom tofu soup?(All photos from the Internet) For more exciting content, come and pay attention to Xiao Wei health kitchen