Sun Yingsha coach appeared in Macao, Zhang Yining said true accurate, Liu Guoliang finally chose the right person

2022-08-18 0 By

Sun Yingsha coach at macau, zhang yining said true, liu guoliang was finally chosen the right person in recently, WTT macau championship is in full progress, our country ping’s performance is very good, especially everyone watches Sun Yingsha, in several projects, showed very good state, also can see from it,Sun Yingsha front now state is very good, we also know that macau’s championship game, as the first international competition in 2022, is our fan watches, especially in the women’s singles match, everyone was expecting Sun Yingsha can win the women’s singles champion, a breakthrough self, and for Sun Yingsha, this relationship to her to be in Paris Olympic cycle,Get off to a good start.Therefore, women’s singles heat is very high, so for now, who can finally won the championship, now also don’t know, but, Sun Yingsha compared with its her ping players from several countries, including Chen Meng, Wang Man yu, liu shiwen, she now has a very fatal weakness, is so far, has not yet been finalised a full-time executive coach,It like Sun Yingsha fans for concern, after all, in such a high level player of the duel between coach tend to be at the critical moment, play a crucial role, especially for pre-game deployment, and special training to promote guidance, before the world championships in Houston, Sun Yingsha is lack of the head coach, and then lost a gold medal in women’s singles,Therefore, it can also be seen that the executive coach is very helpful to a table tennis player.Sun Yingsha therefore you will have a disadvantage, but in the championship in macau, we’ve already felt, Sun Yingsha head coach is already very close to the official seal, because, after Li Sun has publicly available for an interview, in response to a Sun Yingsha executive coach, she said, ping the coaching staff are actively promote the matter, she’s such a statement,Also let the fans eat a reassure, and Sun Yingsha herself also said that with different coaches, help themselves to learn different skills, to help their continuous improvement, just today, the answer seems to be officially announced to the outside world, Macau Championship, Chen Qi again became Sun Yingsha’s off-field coach.This also means that Chen qi appears to be infinite close to Sun Yingsha head coach the position, as we know, Chen qi in the age of the players is a very good first three strokes ability very strong a player, after retirement, also helped many countries ping’s burgeoning third ball technology, and it has been proved that Chen qi such a fierce and tough way to play the game,Will also bring great help to Sun Yingsha, let Sun Yingsha in the WTT World Cup final won the women’s singles champion.Now the macau championship, liu guoliang continue to let Chen qi continue as Sun Yingsha interim head coach, is responsible for the otc Sun Yingsha guidance, at the same time, Sun Yingsha smoothly into the last eight, if Sun Yingsha can win, perhaps also will let liu guoliang firm employing the ideas and methods of choose and employ persons, also can let liu guoliang completely determined,Let Chen Qi play as Sun Yingsha’s executive coach.