Shangrao Airport: promote the construction of humanistic airport by improving passenger baggage service

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The airport is a special place, a transitional space for travel, where cultures intersect and emotions collide.For the construction and development of civil aviation airports in the future, CAAC proposes to build four airports: safe airport, green airport, smart airport and humanistic airport.The relationship between these four airports is clarified, that is, “safety” is the basic requirement, “green” is the important connotation, “wisdom” is the driving force of innovation, and “humanity” is the fundamental goal.I work for shangrao Airport Branch of Jiangxi Airport Group Co., LTD. As the youngest branch airport in Jiangxi Province, I was fortunate to receive the security audit from the bureau shortly after the operation of the company. Meanwhile, Shangrao Airport is also a branch airport with the fastest growth rate of passenger throughput in the province.Since the arrival of General Aviation, the airport has maintained the excellent performance of “zero damage” in the departure baggage of the station, and I have accompanied Shangrao Airport from General Aviation to the present, so I will talk about how the airport promotes the construction of humanistic airport by improving baggage service.People-centered grasp of passenger needs People-centered, detail-oriented service.Humanistic airport is to provide multi-level service products based on the actual needs of different types of passengers, form differentiated services, meet the personalized needs of passengers, and highlight humanistic care.For passengers, it is a very bad thing that people cannot reach “Li”.It may be the job offer of a lifetime, the life-saving hope of a patient, or the love of a loved one.It is these meanings that make luggage transportation work more mission.In order to effectively improve the baggage service work into effect, improve the baggage transport security system, to solve the majority of passengers concerned about the baggage transport problems.Shangrao Airport will further build a humanistic airport by improving the quality of passenger baggage service to improve passenger satisfaction and sense of gain.Through the mutual cooperation between each unit and each post, an effective linkage mechanism is formed in the responsibilities of each post, such as supervision of loading and unloading, special vehicle, handling, inspection, sorting and public security, to deliver luggage to passengers quickly and efficiently.After the luggage arrives, many times passengers may take it by mistake because the luggage is similar.And when this kind of special situation occurs, how to contact the passenger in the fastest time, this is the problem that needs to be solved.Through practical cases, in many cases, among the passenger information we can query in the system, the number retained by the passenger is not the mobile number of the passenger, but the travel agency or other agencies, and it takes a long time to contact the passenger at last.Through discussion, the airport police can query the plan of passenger reservation information in the airport at the fastest speed. Therefore, Shangrao Airport creates the linkage mechanism of police and civilian luggage through mutual cooperation with the airport police.After discovering the incident of mistaken baggage taking, the inspector directly leads the passengers and their mistaken baggage to the public security counter, hands over the information of the passengers on the luggage tag to the public security for inquiry, and immediately contact the passengers after getting the contact number.Through the evaluation of the baggage handling operation process, Shangrao Airport through repeated simulation and discussion, finally established the use of “multiple review method”, “station board operation method”, “gesture confirmation method” in the loading and unloading process, to ensure the safe and effective loading and unloading of luggage.In the process of baggage loading and unloading, the loading and unloading supervisor always insists on “full program control” and implements the “multiple review method”. The first review is the review of the loading and unloading machine list. The number of loading and unloading pieces and the loading and unloading space are clearly determined through the review of the loading and unloading machine list with the stowing and handling personnel.The second recheck is the recheck of the tag information, the tag information and the actual installed flight information;The third check took photos of the baggage loading machine for mobile phones and sent the actual installed flight and installed cabin information in the wechat group of the department for re-check with the stowing;The fourth review is the video surveillance review. The installation supervisors and porters all wear video recorders before taking up their posts and check the videos in real time by way of video recording.Ensure passengers’ luggage is loaded correctly by checking the information of the baggage handling machine.In the narrow, low cargo compartment, the loading and unloading staff bent over the waist to use the “hand in hand operation method”, two people cooperate with each other, hand in hand to receive luggage, to avoid damage to passengers’ luggage.When working outside the cabin, the stevedore uses the “station board operation method”, standing on the trolley will take the luggage lightly on the conveyor belt, neatly placed on the trolley, adhere to the big pressure is not small, heavy pressure is not light.To formulate the “gesture confirmation” inspection method, that is, to use finger gestures and passwords to review the opening and closing of aircraft cargo hold, vehicle docking and evacuation and other work links prone to human error, and to implement every specific inspection item in loading and unloading posts into the “eye to, hand to, mouth to” linkage inspection method.Promote the spiritual core of “fear life, fear rules, fear responsibility” into the daily work of every employee.The ultimate goal of humanistic airport is to make passengers feel humanized service, and humanized service needs front-line employees to implement it. How front-line employees implement it involves humanized airport management.Therefore, the construction of humanistic airport focuses on two aspects: enterprises and employees.Shangrao airport for set up feeling and sense of belonging of the corporate culture, by caring staff’s physical and mental health, in view of the employees working ability, professional quality to carry on the corresponding training, help employees change roles, improve service ability, the enterprise true feelings into the true meaning of the staff of passengers, training employees to be airport the angel of cultural transmission,In this way, a working and learning atmosphere of “comparing, learning, catching up, helping and exceeding” is further created. The staff, through continuous innovation and improvement of service content, bring more high-quality, intimate and unforgettable “sincere service” to passengers.As civil aviation practitioners, strengthening information transmission and feedback in baggage transportation and strictly controlling baggage transportation process in daily flight guarantee are the focus and effective way for us to improve the quality of baggage service at the present stage.To improve the quality of service, we should focus on the overall situation, but also pay attention to details, and carefully consider the various links of luggage transportation.We firmly believe that only by constantly finding problems and improving measures, can we serve “silent passengers” with sincerity and promote the improvement of baggage transport service quality, better fulfill their responsibilities, and create more economic and social benefits.Small as the luggage is, it carries great weight in the traveler’s mind.Humanistic airport construction is an important aspect of the construction of “Type-FOUR Airport”. Only by deeply practicing the concept of “sincere service”, always adhering to the people-oriented concept, building emotional Bridges with passengers and customers, and improving service quality through brand effect, can humanistic airport construction be continuously promoted.