Rural village a small villa bungalow, home to build a New Year’s day such a residence to have the warmth of home

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Small family type a layer of villa back home to build a New Year’s day such a house is the most appropriate, but the appearance of simple good-looking.Covers an area of small, clever interior layout can also fully meet all your needs for housing, not only introduces the problem of small homestead, cost economy also saves the cost of building, save time and effort to bring you the gentle home.Today xiaobian to share with you a small layer of rural bungalow design interested in friends with me to see it!This villa from the following appearance effect can be seen that the appearance of simple modelling, housing scheme practical, can be comparable to the city villa, simple, comfortable and money saving!White wall brick with colorful cultural stone exterior wall with simple, making the outer wall more colorful!The entrance hall of the design hall is the entrance hall, generally in the buffer zone of the entrance place.The public activity area is small and plays a transitional role.The red pitched roof design is very bright, and also makes the whole house permeated with a homey feeling.Into the house, the interior layout is very simple, is the common living room dining room + guest room equipped, as the pension room is the most appropriate, but in the winter when you can install heating, so that the old people in the home no longer need to worry about old cold legs!Simple design, such a house is the most suitable for our rural people to build their own life!Floor area: 11.76m*11.01m, 113.4 square meters;Building height: one storey;Building height: 6.583m (including roof);Design functions: the first floor: living room, kitchen, dining room, bedroom X3, toilet;That’s all for today, interested partners remember to click “like” to pay attention to you!Treasure trove drawings don’t miss.