One of the classic novels of the Style of the Republic of China, the “gold” and “color” life under the scene of fete

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Some people say that Zhang Henshui is an underrated writer in modern history. Even Lao She praised him as the most famous writer in the Republic of China.In I didn’t read the works of zhang henshui, don’t know how to evaluate, but when I read “the crow laugh marriage”, “high” after (and) in a “jinfenshijia will reading, think of his work is really worth to spend a little time to read, on the writing style, not only has traditional zhanghui novel form, and into the modern narrative style;On the subject matter of the novel, although it is about the love between men and women, it is not just a conventional love novel, but in the big historical background, various characters’ joys and sorrows, love and hatred.Since the late Anti-Japanese War, the focus of Zhang Henshui’s creation has changed correspondingly, that is, from love to social criticism, and “Luxury” is his most outstanding masterpiece in this period.The story of “luxury and Luxury” happened in The Japanese invasion period as a military companion in Chongqing, during the War of Resistance is not everywhere guns sound, everyone worried about the country and people, there is such a group of people, relying on the national disaster, everything around money, but what is the outcome?The novel takes the family story of Wei Duanben and Tian Peizhi as the main line, from the two people’s cohabiting to the final breakup, taking the opportunity of many people buying gold savings certificates to make a fortune, showing the human nature and the joys and sorrows caused by money.Wei Duan this is an honest of civil servants, Tian Peizhi is a beautiful let a person unforgettable people see at a glance, the two seemingly don’t take a person is made up of family, according to the novel described in Wei Duan nature be a good husband, and for society at that time most of the family, they are happiness and relatively high, but Tian Peizhi is not satisfied, and she has a desire,Beautiful clothes, exquisite jewelry, the life she wanted to live is Wei Duanben can not give, so meet speculation merchant Fan Baohua, the other party just a little bit with a little means, she fell.Later, met the red five uncle, entered the noble lady circle of Zhu four grandma, will never want to return to the side of Wei Duanben, so threw down the children and her husband, no psychological obstacles to natural and unrestraint.If the realization of Tian Peizhi’s dream of being a noblewoman brings us to see the madness of the rich, then her neighbor, Mrs. Tao, is the suffering of the bottom people.All Mrs Tao is a housewife, and for the purpose of her husband, her husband TaoBoSheng is also a gambling like life, but did not dare to say a word to persuade Mrs Clay, even on the TaoBoSheng casino in the home, she also drink, clips, no complaints, finally difficult too: home, she chose to sell blood.In this way, Tian Peizi links officialdom, shopping malls and the common people at the bottom together. We can see their different descriptions at the beginning of the novel and the description at the end of the novel, which is almost the whole picture of Chongqing during the Anti-Japanese War.# Novels of the Republic of China ## novels of the Republic of China ## Jang Hansui #