Muan will look ahead

2022-08-18 0 By

French and German leaders have visited Russia and Ukraine for mediation amid a series of diplomatic moves by European countries over the tense situation in Ukraine.However, as a big country outside the region, the United States and the United Kingdom and other countries are afraid that the situation between Russia and Ukraine is not warm enough, and from time to time to “stir the fire”.White House National Security Adviser Mike Sullivan told reporters that military action in Ukraine “could be any day now.”The purpose of the US and The UK to spread all sorts of specious news about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is to find an excuse for increasing sanctions against Russia, and to strengthen their dominance over European security issues.Meanwhile, the Munich Security Report 2022 was released in Berlin on February 14, setting the tone for the 58th Munich Security Conference, which opens on February 18, as “getting rid of the feeling of helplessness”.It has to be said that events in their own territory are often controlled by the United States outside the region. For European countries, this sense of collective “helplessness” is hard to describe.(Hot watch Commentator)