Haizhu fanli urban industry, 500,000 square meters of urban industrial park construction

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On February 18, Haizhu District held the launching ceremony of key urban industrial projects and pearl River Science and Technology Innovation Park.On the site of the activity, a number of urban industrial key projects such as Hande Technology, Meishang Stock and Dinghan Transportation were signed and started. A number of high-quality enterprises such as Yuanzhi Technology and Hechuang Automobile also settled in the park for centralized signing as the first batch of intention.It is reported, this is a major industry hai in the first quarter of 2022 to start construction item set up series of activities of the first show, urban industrial projects focus on startup, signing intention concentration, the pearl river kechuang garden as haizhu the most city industrial park comprehensive press construction “accelerators,” snap hai struggling to sprint in the first start in the development of the industry’s “gun head rang”.▲ At the ceremony.Pearl River Science and Technology Innovation Park is located in the south of Pazhou Artificial Intelligence and Digital Economy Pilot Zone. It is the largest modern urban industrial park in Haizhu District at present, with a ground floor area of about 500,000 square meters.Adhering to the goal of “leading production with city and promoting city with production”, the project plans acceleration area of enterprise headquarters, nursery incubation area and service supporting area, participates in the whole life cycle of enterprise growth with the mode of “unification of ecology, production and life”, and helps improve the intelligent innovation ecological circle of Haizhu District.”It is expected that the project will have 8 buildings capped this year, and the park will officially open in October 2023, which will drive over 10 billion yuan of industrial output value in the future.”Compared with traditional industrial parks, urban industrial parks in the heart of Guangzhou are rare, said Pan Hongping, assistant general manager of pearl River Science and Technology Innovation Park.The park will deeply cultivate the three leading industries of new-generation information technology, intelligent equipment and scientific and technological innovation, build a city-level ARTIFICIAL intelligence innovation center with AI algorithm as the leading feature, help Haizhu District build a modern industrial system with strategic pillar industries as the main body, and build a strategic pillar industry cluster of 100 billion yuan.At present, the project is about to start and we have the intention to sign the contract.▲ Representatives of enterprises intending to enter the park sign contracts.From the second half of 2021, Haizhu District will accelerate the development of urban industry, accelerate the planning of the overall layout of urban industry, promote the landing of urban industrial projects, and actively explore the “Haizhu path” for the development of new urban industry.In the future, Haizhu district will grasp digital empowerment to create new urban industrial formats.Relying on the root Internet, Zhijing Technology and other industrial Internet platforms, the implementation of industrial Internet “four one” action (an industrial Internet policy, a group of virtual factories, an industry forum, an industrial research report), vigorously promote digital manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing;Focus on guiding the central urban areas to develop urban industries with low energy consumption, low pollution, high output value, high efficiency and high added value;Focus on the introduction of urban industrial headquarters with the core competitiveness of scientific research, r&d and design front-end, integration, assembly, testing and other back-end are left in the city.▲ Haizhu District Urban Industry Key project launch ceremony and Pearl River Science and Technology Innovation Park.Accelerate the formulation of special policy to support the development of urban industry “14 five” period, Haizhu District will implement the urban industry “10 billion” project, accelerate the development of urban industry, strive to add 10 urban industrial parks, release more than 1 million square meters of high-quality carrier, urban industrial scale broke through 100 billion yuan.At present, Haizhu District is stepping up the formulation and introduction of special support policies to support urban industry and industrial Internet development. Relevant policy documents have been publicly solicited on the official website of the Haizhu District government. In the future, Haizhu District plans to spend more than 50 million yuan as an incentive fund for industrial development.Will support from enterprises bigger and stronger, speed the construction of urban industrial park, high-end talent to make optimal package providing greater policy support to enterprises, including the determination of urban industrial park industry operating rewards of up to 5 million yuan, for eligible enterprises to be three years in a row to give “up uncapped” blockbuster awards, through the hush money reward,One-to-one tailored support.▲ Major urban industrial projects enterprises started to sign contracts.The first batch of urban industrial project has started Hai has combed out made in research and development of “+” “remote processing” of urban industrial development path, and giving full play to the advantages of area industry allocation of factors of production capacity, optimize supply chain process, drive the industry chain change to ascend, support the enterprise will be more entity business import haizhu, implement industry in zhuhai city appears, blanket, grow faster.At present, a batch of urban industrial projects have been landed in advance.In addition, haizhu District, in accordance with the development concept that spatial planning serves industrial planning, raises money in various ways, such as “starting a new batch, transforming and upgrading a batch”, and constantly speeds up industrial carrier reconditioning and releases industrial space.Apart from now to the pearl river kechuang garden as a representative of urban industrial building project, at the same time start the landing of a batch of urban industrial characteristic park, in accordance with the “park of one theme” push each park to realize dislocation development, characteristic development, including age Fang Zhou park plans to build industrial network become park, huaxin kechuang island to forge a digital economy as the core of the proposed technology innovation center,Haizhu Tongchuanghui plans to create a fashion textile theme park, at present these projects have been born flowers, a large number of urban industrial projects entered.▲ At the ceremony.At present, Haizhu District is closely following the strategic development opportunity of guangzhou’s manufacturing industry, looking for the right industrial direction, grasping the opportunity of industrial development, and striving to achieve new progress and breakthrough in urban industry.First, vigorously develop the energy supply industry;Second, vigorously develop the great health industry;Third, vigorously develop fashion textile industry;Fourth, vigorously develop beauty makeup industry;Fifth, vigorously develop intelligent terminal and equipment manufacturing industry.The ceremony also included the unveiling ceremony of haizhu District Industrial Exhibition Center.It is reported that the exhibition center will become a concentrated exhibition area of urban industry in Haizhu District, showing the latest achievements of urban industry development in Haizhu District and the industrial import results of pearl River Science and Technology Innovation Park.▲ At the ceremony.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com