Feel the charm of culture, spend the New Year in chongqing Citizen Museum

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Rubbing New Year pictures, making paper windmill, paper cutting…On February 3rd, chongqing Daily reporter saw in chongqing China Three Gorges Museum, people came to participate in the “Tiger Saves The Divine State happy in Chongbo” Spring Festival activity, under the guidance of non-genetic inheritances and volunteers, the children had a very happy, the scene filled with a festive atmosphere.Children participate in paper cutting activities at the China Three Gorges Museum in Chongqing, Southwest China, February 3, 2019.Reporter Zhao Yingzhao photo “citizens can not only enjoy the tiger-related cultural relics in the museum, but also participate in garden activities, and have a delicious cultural year.”Bai Yuyin, a staff member from the public education and service department of The China Three Gorges Museum in Chongqing, said the museum organized colorful garden Tours from the first to the sixth day of the Chinese New Year, with more than 1,000 people participating in the activities every day on average.She said that with the increasing popularity of museums, there is a growing demand for cultural activities in museums. The purpose of organizing the garden tour is to meet people’s expectations and add a new flavor to the Spring Festival.On February 3, children took part in the Rubbing activity of New Year paintings at the China Three Gorges Museum in Chongqing.Reporter Zhao Yingzhao photograph 8 years old Yue Yue followed non-genetic inheritor made up a cicada, 3 years old Wenwen cut out a tiger pattern, see two baby daughter’s works, citizens Zhang Su is very pleased, “In the museum New Year is very lively, I hope children from childhood contact with excellent traditional culture, feel the charm of culture.”Zhang Su is not alone in bringing her children to the museum.While the sisters and other children were enthusiastically participating in the activity, cha Donglin, a citizen, took pictures with his camera and recorded videos with a handheld PTZ camera.Mr. Car, he and his wife Li Mingqiang are volunteers of the Three Gorges Museum, daughter Car Yishan is the three Gorges Museum small narrator.From the first day to the sixth day, the three members of the family will come to the museum to do voluntary service and have a meaningful Spring Festival holiday.During the Spring Festival holiday, there are still a lot of volunteers in the Three Gorges Museum. They are distributed in various positions to provide warm service for the audience and let the audience feel the warmth.Children learn palm weaving skills from non-genetic inheritors at the China Three Gorges Museum in Chongqing.During the Spring Festival holiday, museums such as the Hongyan Revolutionary History Museum also held various cultural activities.It is understood that the red Rock Revolutionary History Museum scenic spots launched the “Red Rock Story”, “tell the red story, inherit the red Rock spirit”, “punch the red venue, help Beijing Winter Olympics”, as well as immersive explanation and other activities, let the audience through visiting the red scenic spot to draw spiritual strength.Chongqing Museum of Natural History launched a group exhibition of cultural relics of the Chinese New Year, the Auspicious Tiger prologizing spring — Spring Painting, calligraphy and photography folk art exhibition, gull in winter — Red-headed Gull overwinter Chongqing science exhibition, New Year’s Riddles and other exhibitions and activities, which were widely praised by the audience.For the rest of the holiday, come to the museum for a cultural feast.