Face over age clearance!What will happen to the over-age workers in the construction industry in the future

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Spread bad news recently, the construction industry, many site gradually repel and older workers, itself is for limit 60, 55, but in many site construction workers are very rare, many dry construction site of the eldest brother, all one’s life is very depressed when I was doing, the body is still hale and hearty, with what force we laid off?Actually about overage repel the things is no longer a fresh things, as early as 2019, a city has been explicitly prohibited under the age of 18 and 60 men and women over 50 years old above three types of personnel to enter the construction site is engaged in the construction work, of course actually male 55 years old woman 45 years old, almost left the site operation,At the time, this rule was only applied in some cities, but now it covers all first-tier cities.Small make up remember a requirement that all kinds of type of work must hold relevant certificates, because most of the people engaged in manual labor people have no culture construction site level, leading to the laid-off risk faced by many ordinary workers and technical workers, like for example when a security guard now have security certificate, but due to the construction industry requirements it is all too common type of work, such as steel, build by laying bricks or stones wall master, etc.,The thing of this card does not end, resemble water electrician nevertheless master, excavator, bulldozer, wait, this kind of profession cannot go up guard without card really.For the problem of overage clearance, mainly considering the high work, open work, high-risk work, etc., older people have risk factors related to physical strength and consciousness. In addition, the site environment is poor, the food is high in salt and heat, and there are certain health and safety risks for older people.Although there are clear regulations that over-aged personnel are not allowed to engage in the construction industry, such as construction site auxiliary work, security, cleaning, cooking, etc., is not affected, that is, over-aged personnel, and employment intentions can be started from these jobs.In fact, the relevant departments respond to the nearest age statistics, the average age of safety accidents in site operations every year is more than 50 years old, which also reflects that age is easy to neglect, but in fact, the statistics are not accurate, such as young people with weak safety awareness is also very much, but the older the more the safety problem is very heavy.Actually repel and over 60 number or at least more than ten million people, older workers don’t go to the site, how to endowment has become a big problem, most of these groups and is not very good, cultural level is low, not high skills, can only rely on manual labor to make money, because most of them are temporary, and do one day at a time, do not provide for the aged of social security can give them,Rely on the countryside to buy a hundred dollars of endowment insurance, even the basic day is not guaranteed, so do not give to the site, their vast majority of people’s life will become difficult.There must be some people who say that a small worker in the construction industry is a hundred dollars every day, and a few hundred dollars every day in the middle. After earning half of his life at the construction site, it should not be a problem to save more than 300,000 dollars for so many years!How can there be no money for retirement?On the face of it, many construction workers do earn a lot of money per day, but every family has their own problems, all kinds of expenses, and at the end of the day, almost no money is saved. When you don’t let them go to the construction site, money becomes a big problem.You let them work as security guards, cleaning, but the actual market demand for older personnel is small, and the salary is very low, only more than 2,000 yuan a month, and even have to stay up night shift, for the elderly people, this is not worse than going to the construction site?Actually country regulation is male full 65 years old retire, even if they arrived 60 years old, want body hale and hearty only, again give them more stem 5 years what just as well, age is never the mainest problem, the body should accord with working condition only, let them continue to do!Repel and policy, of course, the junior middle school is to protect older workers, but this one size fits all, it is not appropriate, the first unemployment will lead to a large number of overage personnel, let them, don’t know what to do, and every family economic structure is different, some 60 children filial piety can be abetted smoothly even if you don’t work,However, when some people are 60 years old, they meet children who are not earning money. Their parents will bear all the expenses for marriage, house, car, and even raising their children. You don’t allow them to work in construction sites and work as security guards with their meager salary.Or, I hope that we can start from the perspective of flexibility, and stop asking them to work as security guards, cleaning, or even to set up stalls, and give them two choices: either the state will provide security for their retirement, or let the healthy people continue to work.