Delayed retirement is a foregone conclusion. These two groups suffer, but three are lucky. Are you there?

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Delayed retirement is a foregone conclusion. These two groups suffer, but three are lucky. Are you there?According to the relevant departments to release information about delay retirement, will use the small adjustment, classification advance, delay retirement age step by step approach, the policy was a bolt from the blue for some people, of course, there are some people think we should push, you can accept delay retirement, each have each view, so to speak.From the overall direction, there are two kinds of people clearly don’t want adopted a policy of “delay retirement”, if not prevent, hope this measure can come more a little later, the first category, manual laborers, their work is the main consumption of energy, a bitter and tired job, finally accounting pay often unsatisfactory, so work due to the long,Physical condition has become worse and worse, all kinds of diseases, thinking can safely endure to retirement, if the delay retirement at this time, can be imagined, not to mention whether there is no unit willing to hire accept, the body of the workers really can not afford.The second category is young people. After all, young people follow their own will and do not like high-pressure life. They are often thinking about planning retirement life when they are young, and delaying retirement is unimaginable for young people.There are those who hope that this measure will come, and there must be those who hope that the delay in retirement will come sooner. Why hope? From the results, it is naturally beneficial to them.First, mental workers, the older they are, the more likely they are to be in demand, the more they can use their brain power and the more experience they have.The second type, workers in the system, this part of the people have a common, that is the establishment, if the retirement age is extended, work is equally comfortable, but also can get more money, how to look is happy and harmonious, such as retirement pension can also take more.Third, senior executives in enterprises, as corporate executives, the salary must be very high, and it is acceptable to postpone retirement for another five years. Therefore, senior executives often have no objection to the policy of extending retirement age.