Breaking Olympic Record in 8 battles, “fastest ice” relies on technology to create “magic”

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On February 12, Gao Tingyu won the men’s 500m speed skating final with a new Olympic record of 34.32 seconds, giving China its fourth gold medal at the Beijing Winter Olympics and showering the world with the charm of speed skating, the “track and field event on ice”.From Beijing Olympic speed skating project kick off to 13, “ice ribbons held eight events, in addition to the women’s 500 m speed skating program did not create a new record, the other grades of each event are broke the Olympic record, especially in the men’s 1500 m speed skating competition, two of the Dutch players realize match the performance of the two broke the Olympic record.Faced with the repeated record setting, netizens praised the athletes’ excellent performance, while exclaiming, what is the “magic” of the ice?The Beijing Winter Olympics has created the fastest ice for the world’s athletes!Most of the previous world records in speed skating were set in high-altitude venues in Calgary and Salt Lake City, using the world’s most advanced ice-making technology.The “ice Ribbon” located in the plain is capable of setting Olympic and even world records, and the “fastest ice” justifies its name with its strength.Wu Xiaonan, director of the national Speed Skating Team, said in an interview that behind this not only means the athletes’ level is improving, but also the crystallization of the wisdom and strength of all parties.The “fastest ice” covers an area of 12,000 square meters, making the “Ice Ribbon” the largest speed skating Olympic venue in Asia.Not only so, in order to build the unique ice, in the national key research and development program “games” of science and technology key special “national oval wisdom construction and application of key technology research and application demonstration” project, supported by the builders of the ribbon “ice” innovative adopted across critical carbon dioxide straight cold ice making system,Making ice Ribbon the first speed skating venue in Olympic history to use the technology.Carbon dioxide transcritical ice-making technology is one of the most advanced, environmentally friendly and efficient ice-making technologies for winter sports venues.Its application can not only provide highly balanced temperature ice for the Winter Olympic Games, but also make the carbon emissions of the national speed skating hall close to zero.The project director, national oval chief engineer jiu-lin li said in an interview with science and technology daily, “ice ribbons used the environmental protection and safety of the best natural refrigerant, carbon dioxide refrigerant, the ODP (destruction of the ozone layer ozeme depletion potential) 0, GWP (global warming ozeme depletion potential) is 1, and no smell, nonflammable, no combustion,It is one of the most sustainable coolers.Compared with traditional refrigeration system, the energy efficiency is improved by more than 20%.In addition, national oval with a venue intelligent energy management system, to the waste heat of ice produced for dehumidification, maintenance, venue living hot water ice, the ice mode refrigeration parts alone can save each year more than 200 KWH, and the carbon emissions of the whole system close to zero, the equivalent of about 1.2 million tree implementation of carbon emission reductions.With the help of the whole system, the temperature difference of the ice ribbon does not exceed 0.5 degrees Celsius, which means that the hardness of the entire ice track is consistent, which is very conducive to good skating results.Building a solid foundation for the “fastest ice” below the ice is also a solid support for technology.Under the 12,000 square meters of ice, a large number of stainless steel pipes are laid. Through the modular control unit, the ice can be made according to different areas and standards.This way of ice making can not only meet the requirements of speed skating in the Winter Olympics, but also make ice in different regions according to the requirements of different ice events.Therefore, engineering design and construction units have obtained utility model patents in the integrated design of ice making system and the structural design of ice plate.Li Jiulin introduced that the ice making process pipe design pressure is high, all use seamless stainless steel pipe, especially the ice plate refrigeration pipe uses a single 40 meters to 50 meters long seamless stainless steel plate, the construction process of many links, no precedent to follow.Ma Jin, head of the ice making system design at the National Speed Skating Hall, said the application of the ultra-long stainless steel cold tube is the first in the world.In order to ensure uniform ice ice plate effect, the construction of strict control pipe position, elevation, and the surface smoothness of concrete, in the project to test at the same time, the introduction of a third party inspection team, concrete pipe three-dimensional laser scanning and flatness inertial navigation test, for the project construction provides a great deal of calibration inspection and guarantee.In the end, after more than 20 high-voltage dual-license welders’ unremitting efforts of more than 60 days and nights, all 8,574 joints have been welded with high quality.Complete concrete floor of 17cm, level difference controlled at 3mm, better than the international standard of 5mm.These solid works lay a solid foundation for making “the fastest ice”.”So far, China has achieved its goal of attracting 300 million people to participate in ice and snow sports through preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympics. I particularly expect the ice and snow fever to continue after the Games.”Wu Xiaonan introduced, for this reason, the existing site conditions of the national speed skating hall in addition to meet the general function of comprehensive sports venues, but also consider the infield can be all ice cover, the formation of an unhindered 12,000 square meters of ice.The competition area of the National Speed Skating Hall consists of three 400 meter speed skating competition tracks, one speed skating competition practice track, one 60×30 meter multi-purpose ice rink (short track speed skating mode), one 61×31 meter multi-purpose ice rink (ice hockey and figure skating mode) and one activity rink.It can simultaneously meet the multi-functional needs of skating, curling, ice hockey and other events as well as the public for ice activities.Such an ice surface provides an unusual venue for daily mass public fitness on ice. More than 2,000 citizens can play ice hockey, speed skating, figure skating, curling and other ice sports at the same time after the competition. It also leaves an unprecedented space for commercial performances after the competition.