Big visit special | Spring Festival sympathy warm hearts thick care show true feelings

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Spring Festival is coming, the age of cold warm.On the eve of the Upcoming Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger, Liu Xi, the party committee member and deputy director of the Bureau, visited the bereaved families of retired comrades, conveyed the care of the Bureau Party Committee to them, and extended New Year’s greetings and wishes to them.Sympathy, deputy director Liu Xi through broad details about the physical health and life of the old comrade survivors, family members are introduced to the old comrades to a year of judicial administrative work situation, listen to their opinion of rehabilitation work suggested that they have been concern, attention and support to the judicial administrative thanked the rehabilitation work,And told them to pay attention to cold warm, take good care of your body, any difficulties and problems to the organization to report in time.Liu Xi, deputy director said that it is with these veteran party members and comrades in the difficult conditions, the lack of material years has always been firm in the original intention of joining the Party, do not forget the duty and mission, through decades of hard work, for the judicial administration of drug treatment cause has laid a solid foundation for the steady progress and healthy development,Provincial judicial administration drug rehabilitation system will not forget the contribution and sacrifice made by the old comrades for drug rehabilitation cause, hope that the old party members and comrades will continue to care about the development of drug rehabilitation cause in the future, and make practical suggestions for our work.The interviewed family members said that they were very grateful for the care and help of the Party Committee of the provincial Drug Rehabilitation Bureau, so that they felt the warmth of the organization, and would continue to pay attention to and support the judicial administration of drug rehabilitation work.