0 and 1 to 4-1!Amazing own goal!Bayern refused to surprise, complete the reversal, 55 points lead

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German bundesliga champions Bayern Munich face Fc Firth in the bundesliga round 23 match on Feb 20 at 22:30 GMT.Bayern’s strength in the Bundesliga is a unique existence, occupy the top position.However, bayern are not far behind Borussia Dortmund, bayern need to keep winning games if they want to stay at the top.Bayern have not been in very good form recently, losing two games in a row to bochum in the league and drawing with Red Bull Salzburg in the Champions League.The team’s defensive problems were exposed, and Nagelsmann was questioned.Back in the league, Bayern are playing bottom side Firth, and bayern must win against opponents of this level.This game Bayern 4-231 formation.Ullreich is the starting goalkeeper.Paval, Hupamecano, Lucas Hernandez and Richards in a back four.Kimish and Tolisso are paired at the back.Sabitzer, Muller, and Sane strike together.Levan is at the top.Gnaburi, Shupo-Moting, muchala and juler are on the bench.In the 10th minute, Lewellin had a great single chance, but his shot was blocked by the goalkeeper.In the 24th minute, Tolisso was injured and had to be substituted, and Gnaburi came on as a substitute.In the 36th minute, Richards had a great chance on the left side of the penalty area, but he was a step too slow to put the ball into the net.Bayern’s missed opportunity was quickly punished.A direct free kick from Hergotta bounces off the wall and into the top left corner of the goal!The sudden refraction left the goalkeeper helpless.Half time, Bayern down 1-0!Second half easy side again.Shubo Moting was brought on in place of Richards.The result shubo – Moting quick credit, he passively set up Lewan to score.The two sides returned to the same starting line.The 58th minute, Lewan volley in the penalty area, the kick is defective, it is a pity.In the 60th minute, Bayern scored again!Muller crosses from the right side of the box and Griesbeck saves the ball into his own net.This incredible own goal gave Bayern a lead.7 minutes later, Christian doll long-range shot, the ball hit the right post pop-up!In the 71st minute, Mhofer shot from a small Angle from the right of the penalty area was blocked again by the post. Bayern were lucky.In the 82nd minute, Lewan scored again with a header to complete his second goal.Shupo Moting also scored in the last minute to kill the game.In the end, Bayern came from behind to beat Firth 4-1 to take the crucial three points and lead the table with 55 points.