Zheng Zhi: Face up to the gap between the Japanese team and find problems will tell the players without reservation

2022-08-17 0 By

On the afternoon of January 29, Beijing time, The Chinese men’s national football team participated in the first practice after arriving in Vietnam, training assistant coach Zheng Zhi was interviewed.How about the weather and the court conditions the temperature is still a little bit low, a little bit rainy, a little bit warmer than in Tokyo, the climate is very suitable for the game, the players came to the court, very excited, very desire to play, I think the objective conditions are good.Of course, I mainly assisted Li Xiaopeng. I stayed in the team for a long time and got along with the team members for a long time.In the transition role, it’s a transition for myself, for the players they have some ideas and other things that I have, and it’s the same as when I was on the team.After all, I have been in the team for a long time, including the national team matches, and I am familiar with the mental preparation before the match, so we are more in communication about this aspect.Help the players, make them more open, make them more desire to play, to face the game in a very good mental state.What are the specific roles in training had been coaching staff have their own division of labor, including foreign coach, and Chen Yang, Gao Yao guidance, for me to pay more attention to the performance of the players, including the midfielder’s position, the individual team member if found the problem, I will be on the court and off the court will communicate without reservation, tell them their empathy idea, hope to have some help to them.As footballers, we have to face up to the gap in competition. In this match, we are playing against the highest level opponents in Asia, who have the strongest squad and desire, and they want to get points and perform well. It will be good for us to play close to such opponents.Although we lost, but we have to learn from it, find changes and progress.You can also see that Japan’s decision-making on the field, the formation is very good.Maybe we can’t change a lot of things technically, but we can change our ideas, details and decisions. When we see the gap between us and the opponent, we can make a summary after the game and improve ourselves in the next game, which is a kind of help for us.We will look at the situation in the table now, but we don’t think about the position in the group, game by game.The first game has passed, now we come to Vietnam, now the time is very clear, it is our Chinese Spring Festival, the first day of the game, all the players want to give good performance for the fans, relatives and friends, repay them.For the national team, whether it’s a World Cup qualifier, Asian Cup or a warm-up match, all the players have to give 100 per cent and prepare 200 per cent for the game. We want to give a good performance and reward all the people who care and support us with a win.