The preserved meat necessary for Chinese New Year, really have these hazards?

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The End of the New Year has passed, the family store of goods have eaten up?In the rich variety of New Year goods, cured pork is absolutely indispensable on the Chinese dinner table.Preserved pork is featured prominently in Chinese cuisine, and Jinhua ham has been a good gift since ancient times.Preserved pork captures people’s taste buds with its unique taste and aroma that cannot be ignored.Pickled Du fresh, dried bacon…They are delicacies on the table.However, with the improvement of people’s health awareness, it seems that the preserved meat with good color, smell and taste also has disadvantages.When processed meats such as sausages and ham were listed as carcinogens by the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer, concerns were raised about cured meat.China’s food production standards, processing.finally refers to fresh (frozen) livestock and poultry meat edible or its by-product as raw material, adding or not adding auxiliary materials, curing and drying (or dry, dry) process of ready-to-eat meat products, such as we are familiar with Chinese ham, bacon, control, dried meat in it.These foods are very popular in winter, but due to the cured meat in the production of a large amount of salt curing, a variety of smoke fire roast, this process produced nitrite, microorganisms, benzopyrene and other substances, are carcinogens.The amount of salt used in preserved food is a health hazard, with sodium levels of around 800 milligrams per 100 grams of bacon, more than 10 times the average amount of ordinary pork.Salt is an important factor affecting blood pressure. It will not only increase the osmotic pressure in the body and cause a rise in blood pressure, but also cause certain damage to the gastric mucosa.Secondly, preserved meat is very high in fat and cholesterol.In terms of weight, the fat content of 100 grams of preserved meat is as high as 50%. Compared with the 25g fat intake recommended by the dietary guidelines for Chinese residents, it is easy to become a “risk factor” for hyperlipidemia if a large amount of preserved meat is consumed continuously.Secondly, preserved meat nutrition loss.Compared with fresh meat, preserved meat takes away most of its vitamins and trace elements, such as vitamin B1, during its preparation.Vitamin B2.Niacin, vitamin C and other content are zero.Therefore, eating a large amount of preserved meat for a long time may cause excessive salt intake, which may aggravate or lead to increased or fluctuating blood pressure.So, for the sake of health, we have to give up bacon?In order for people to eat healthy bacon, many enterprises have made efforts in the production process.In the process of meat pickling, safe and fresh raw materials are selected. In addition to the use of salt, nitrite will be strictly controlled in the process of pickling, and its content is controlled at about 6%.Aiming at the problem of the content of benzo pyrene in cured meat, the content of benzo pyrene in cured meat was reduced by improving the technological process, adopting measures such as low temperature, centralized roasting and precise quantity control.Therefore, if you are greedy for preserved meat, you can still choose the preserved meat produced by regular manufacturers.At the same time, when eating, also want to pay attention to.In the way of eating, it is best to steam and cook, as little as possible.Because high temperature production will make the salt in the bacon heated nitrite, promote nitro pyrrolidine and dimethyl thiamine and other carcinogens increased content.You can slice the preserved meat in boiling water for a few minutes before eating to reduce the nitrite content in preserved meat products.When eating preserved meat, moderation is also the principle that must be followed.According to the calculation of the 2015 Edition of The Chinese Food Composition Table, preserved meat products contain 48.9 grams of fat and nearly 6 grams of salt (1000 milligrams of sodium) per 100 grams. If you eat more than 100 grams at a time, the daily intake of fat and salt is more than the recommended daily intake of an adult, causing adverse effects on the cardiovascular system. Therefore,It is recommended to convert according to weight. Adults should eat less than 150 grams each time, and the elderly should eat less preserved products as far as possible.It is best not to eat more than 3 times a week, do not eat consecutively.There are also experts to provide some ways to eat bacon, such as with vegetables rich in sulfhydryl compounds, garlic, chives, scallions, Onions and so on are rich in sulfhydryl compounds, which are natural substances to remove food nitrite and block the synthesis of nitrosamines.In addition, garlic can inhibit the growth of nitrate reducing bacteria and promote the growth of lactic acid bacteria, so garlic, green onion, onion is a good partner of bacon.And with vitamin C rich vegetables and fruits, Brussels sprouts, bell peppers, lentils, spinach, eggplant, bitter melon and other fresh vegetables have varying degrees of nitrite removal ability.At present, the market also developed low salt bacon, bacon salt content can be reduced from 8% to about 3%.Therefore, when greedy for preserved meat, you can choose products with low sodium content, and improve the cooking method when making, eat less and eat carefully.Hebei Yanda Hospital, deputy director of the department of nutrition, Shen Yingjian