Datian Town, Enping City: Epidemic prevention and control during the Spring Festival will be carried out in a precise and scientific way

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Epidemic prevention and control work, for a solid Spring Festival field, according to the deployment of the central decision making and the superior party committee, the government’s work requirements, epidemic prevention and control this alert all the time, earnestly implement the “rebound against input, inside outside” total strategy, “dynamic reset” general policy, further deepening the understanding of the complexity of the current epidemic situation serious situation, insisted that the party leads,We will give full play to the role of grassroots Party organizations as battle fortors and party members as pioneers and exemplary members, and do a good job of prevention and control in a scientific, precise and strict manner, effectively protect the safety and health of the people, and ensure that the whole town has a happy, peaceful and happy Spring Festival.Strengthen organization and leadership, to ensure that the responsibilities in place for the current epidemic prevention and control situation is still grim and complex, the situation of the personnel flow is big, during Spring Festival field, the town party committee attaches great importance to rapid leadership epidemic prevention and control work conference, in-depth study and implement general secretary xi on epidemic prevention and control of important speech and the important instructions instructions spirit, communicate learning spirit of provincial party committee standing committee meeting,And combined with the situation of the town strict deployment of the next step.Through layers of transfer of compaction responsibility, the town of the party organization to further improve the ideological understanding, maintain a high degree of vigilance, and actively carry out work, under the unified leadership of the town party Committee, clear commissioner to implement the 24-hour duty on duty, personnel and materials to deal with the epidemic in place, building a solid epidemic prevention and control line.Field in the town of epidemic prevention and control work conference attendant counting the epidemic materials to strengthen “the sentinel”, ensure the regulation in place of the February field, the basic-level party organization actively on command, the village (community) cadres and medical staff, volunteers and a charge in the prevention and control personnel, to build a grass-roots epidemic prevention and control of the first line of defense,It provides a strong organizational guarantee for epidemic prevention and control during the Spring Festival.First, we will do a solid job in screening and monitoring key groups in key areas.Give full play to the functions of fever clinics, rural clinics, pharmacies and other important sentinel points of health centers in Fa Town, implement the “four early morning” requirements, and effectively improve the capacity to cope with the flow of people during the Spring Festival;In 12 villages (communities) of the town, the Party (general) branch set up volunteer service posts for party members, and carried out solid registration and filing work of returning personnel during the Spring Festival;The “three-person team” of Datian Town immediately responded to the feedback of the special investigation from the superior, and promptly completed the investigation and nucleic acid sampling and testing of people from key areas to (and from) the township, ensuring the effectiveness and accurately implementing classified health management measures.Second, strengthen the standardized management of key places.Town of relevant functional departments to further compaction responsibility, strengthen the area under its jurisdiction supermarkets, pharmacies, restaurants, the farmer’s market, hot spring aggregation in public places such as daily supervision inspection, pay special attention to the large activity control, strictly implement the “four strengthening a advocate” epidemic prevention and control measures, such as full left the epidemic prevention and control measures during the Spring Festival is fine to carry out the fall in place.Third, we will improve nucleic acid sampling and testing services.For the convenience of field town long area film home crowd nearby and accept the nucleic acid samples service, field town party committee timely respond the needs of the masses, hot springs in the mountain spring bay scarecrow farm lang end of temporary party branch nucleic acid testing point, organize party pioneer team to carry out the nucleic acid samples, provides convenience for people’s quality of nucleic acid testing services.Field town “trio” household villages personnel nucleic acid detection work field town set up village-level party member volunteer duty field town epidemic prevention and control, three leading group in a hot spring town of epidemic prevention and control supervision work field set up lang bottom temporary party branch nucleic acid sample point strengthen publicity and education, to ensure that the masses consciousness in place to further strengthen epidemic prevention and control publicity and education work,Efforts have been made to strengthen publicity of laws and policies on epidemic prevention and control as well as health protection knowledge, and guide the public to strengthen personal protection and do a good job of hygiene, by means of electronic screens, loudspeaker broadcasts on weather, hanging banners, distributing leaflets, Posting notices and household publicity.The awareness of active reporting of high-risk residents’ travel (residence) history and the awareness of regular medical treatment after fever should be strengthened, and the work of tracking, health monitoring and protection guidance for returning residents should be actively cooperated with the village (community) committee, so as to form a good epidemic prevention and control situation in the town and ensure social stability.All parties in Datian town organized publicity work on epidemic prevention and control