Beita District People’s Court: Set sail and start again

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Shaoyang News on February 11 (correspondent Lu Linmeng Sun Hongmei) “thank you two judges, you not only gave me to recover the arrears, but also saved my family.”On February 9, Ms. Li, the executor of the application, went to the Beita District People’s Court and sent a banner and a letter of appreciation to the executive judge to express her gratitude.Ms. Li and the executive judge shook hands cordially. the happy smiles on their faces made the festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival even more lively and warm.Ms. Li is a case of execution last year, Ms. Li and the execution of zhou is not only long back home, but also for many years of good friends.In 2018, Ms. Zhou borrowed 50,000 yuan from Ms. Li on the grounds of family treatment, and promised to pay back within three months. Ms. Li did not think twice before lending the money to Ms. Zhou.However, after the expiration of the loan period, Ms. Li found Zhou Mou urge, Zhou Mou disappeared, zhou mou unit reflects zhou Mou has not come to work for two months, and the phone has been shut down for more than a month.After the husband of Miss Li learns zhou Mou is strange to disappear, blame Miss Li makes friends carelessly, with Miss Li big quarrel, two people begin to live apart.Unable to get her husband’s understanding, Ms. Li had no choice but to Sue Zhou to the court.The north tower district people’s court through the trial in accordance with the law, the judgment zhou returned Ms. Li loan 50 thousand yuan and the corresponding interest.After the ruling took effect, Ms. Li applied to the court for enforcement.After receiving the case, Judge Lu of the executive Board immediately inquired zhou’s property under his name, but there was no real estate, motor vehicle registration under Zhou’s name, and even his wechat, Alipay and bank accounts were empty.Lu judge and Ms Li together to zhou rented and frequented places to find the whereabouts of Zhou, but Zhou is like the disappearance of the world, can not find a trace, the execution of the case so far into a deadlock.After careful thinking, lu the judge decided to change a way of thinking, some work unit careful investigation, he decided to search for clues to property, about 3 hours after a careful check, found the weekend a cumulative years of overwork salary has not brought more than 50000 yuan, so lu to judge the performance of the executive orders and notice for assistance in execution,The amount is deducted to the enforcement account of the court.On the eve of the Lunar New Year, Ms. Li got the execution money as she had hoped. “Because I got the money, my conflict with my husband was resolved, and the execution of the North Tower court saved my family,” Ms. Li said affectionately.Through this time in the court litigation experience, completely changed my view of the court and the judge.The judges in the North Tower Court are very dedicated and rigorous, and I am grateful to the North Tower Court for receiving a timely response to my every appeal.”On the third day of the New Year, the Beita District People’s Court ushered in a “good start” to the New Year, which is a full affirmation of the judges’ perseverance, courage and perseverance in fulfilling their original mission.All the flags and letters of thanks sent by the parties will inspire all the police officers in the North Tower court to make persistent efforts in the New Year’s work, continue to adhere to justice for the people, fair justice, not afraid of the cold and heat, not afraid of difficulties and obstacles, to intrepate the attitude of struggle, to step out of the “broad road” of people’s happiness.(Editing: Silver magnolia)