6-5 in the final, hot search first!Chinese women’s soccer team has worked wonders, with waist tattoos becoming popular

2022-08-17 0 By

In the semi-final of Asian Cup women’s football, China women’s football team created a miracle!After falling behind twice and being at an absolute disadvantage, the team defeated Japan 6-5 in a penalty shootout and miraculously entered the final.In this match, The Chinese women’s football team gave full play to their indomitable fighting spirit, never gave up after falling behind, and won an epic victory with hard work and perseverance.After the match, the Chinese women’s soccer team instantly became the top trending search.The only fly in the ointment is that CCTV did not broadcast the game live, and a sports broadcast, but to charge!This field and The Japanese women’s football match, from the strength of the point of view, the Chinese women’s football slightly underwind, and Wang Frost also because of foot injury did not appear.However, the Chinese women’s soccer girls did not give up the game.In the 26th minute of the game, The Chinese women’s soccer team lost the ball first, and Uechi took advantage of her ability to score.But the second half just opened, The Chinese women’s soccer team by Wu Chengshu grabbed the equaliser.This goal, also brought great encouragement to The Chinese women’s football team!The game added time, The Chinese women’s football team suffered another blow, the 103rd minute, Uechi Pear successfully against offside, once again to help the Japanese team beyond the score.However, this goal has a certain amount of controversy, because slow motion back, there is suspicion of offside.However, the Chinese women’s soccer team did wonders again in the following match.In the 119th minute, Wang Shanshan scored a 2-2 miracle equaliser for the Chinese women’s soccer team.China women’s football team beat Japan 4-3 in penalty shootout, with the goalkeeper saving Japan’s penalty kicks in a row to reach the final 6-4 on aggregate.This match, from the statistics, The Chinese women’s football team almost played a cruel game, the Japanese team had 20 shots in the whole game, while the Chinese women’s football team only 7 times, but it is really us, simply win too warm blood!After the match, Chinese women’s soccer players were accidentally photographed with tattoos while celebrating, which also went viral. Many fans said that there was nothing wrong with tattoos, but that it was tattooed on men’s soccer.True, you have the strength can be a little personality, no strength, do anything is wrong.Congratulations to the Chinese women’s soccer team, we love you!