Spring Festival food safety consumption tips released, quick look

2022-08-16 0 By

According to health China micro signal, recently, the National Health Commission issued the “Spring Festival food safety consumption tips”, remind everyone to pay attention to food safety, pay attention to reasonable diet during the festive season;At the same time, regular COVID-19 prevention and control measures should be implemented to ensure personal protection.In terms of food procurement and dining out, the following four points should be paid attention to :(1) go to the regular markets and supermarkets with legal business qualifications to buy cold chain food. Imported cold chain food can be checked by scanning the cold chain tracing code to check product testing, inspection and tracing information.Don’t buy cold chain food from unknown sources.(2) When purchasing food, take good personal protection, such as wearing masks correctly, keeping hand hygiene, etc., and avoiding direct contact with cold-chain food.It is suggested to clean and disinfect the outer package of pre-packaged imported cold chain food.(3) When buying and eating stereotyped packaged food, check the product name, origin, factory name, factory address, production date, production license number, shelf life, etc., do not buy and eat “three no” (no production date or shelf life, factory name, factory address) food, do not buy food with different color odor or unknown origin.Don’t eat food past its sell-by date.(4) try to reduce gathering out for dinner.Dining out should choose good food hygiene conditions, high reputation, complete license catering units, not without license vendors dining.Festive dinner parties should follow the local COVID-19 prevention and control regulations, wear masks, wash hands frequently, gather less and keep distance.In terms of home cooking, we should pay attention to the following five points :(1) develop good hygiene habits when cooking at home, wash hands frequently before and after handling food, and avoid touching your mouth, eyes and nose with unclean hands.Food should be carefully cleaned before processing, pay attention to prevent water splashing when cleaning.Clean and disinfect table and kitchenware in time after cooking.(2) Families should pay attention to the separation of raw and cooked food when preparing food, and the utensils for processing and storing raw meat, aquatic products and vegetables should be separated from cooked food. They should be cleaned and disinfected in time after use;Especially when dealing with livestock and poultry meat and aquatic products, we should pay more attention to them and separate them when storing in the refrigerator.(3) Family cooking dishes should be thoroughly cooked.The prepared food should be eaten as soon as possible and stored for no more than 2 hours at room temperature. The food that cannot be eaten in time should be refrigerated or frozen.Surplus food and overnight food should be thoroughly heated before eating, eat less or do not eat raw aquatic products.(4) the holidays often eat cakes, cold food, cooked food braised food cold foods such as easy as raw material pollution, cross contamination, not cooked cooked, improper storage, and so on cause by salmonella, staphylococcus aureus, pollution prevention of foodborne disease caused by the pathogenic microorganisms, while do the above considerations, note also make cold food should be a few times,Eat as soon as possible and do not store for too long.(five) pay attention to the prevention of yeast rice food poisoning. When families prepare fermented rice food, they should change water frequently, keep hygiene, and ensure that the food has no odor. Once pink, green, yellow, green, black and other colored mildew is found, it cannot be eaten.After grinding pulp to timely air drying or drying into powder;Storage should be ventilated, moisture-proof and dustproof.The best preventive measures are not to produce and sell, do not eat sour soup zi, hanging pulp ba, wet rice noodles and other fermented rice food.In addition, during the holiday should pay special attention to balanced diet, pay attention to food diversity, eat more fruits and vegetables, dairy, soy, grains, eat fish, poultry, eggs, lean meat, less salt and less oil, sugar limit alcohol, avoid overeating by all means.Use chopsticks and spoons to eliminate waste.