Jilin City in Jilin Province has achieved the goal of eliminating social gatherings

2022-08-16 0 By

On the afternoon of April 8, the journalists learned from the 29th press conference on epidemic prevention and control held by the Jilin Provincial government that the latest round of nucleic acid testing for all members of the covered community had been completed after 37 days of continuous operations since the outbreak in Jilin city on March 2.According to the relevant regulations of the State on epidemic prevention and control, after comprehensive evaluation of the test results, jilin City epidemic prevention and control Headquarters determined that jilin City has achieved the goal of eliminating social gatherings.Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Hu Qiuxian comprehensive report news clues channel: application market download “morning video” client, into the “morning to help” topic;Or call the morning video news hotline 0731-85571188.