Gu Ailing won the title behind: ice and snow sports shortcomings highlighted, naturalized athletes controversy

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Gu Ailing won the championship, let the Chinese boiling, but also let the other side of the ocean American mentality collapse.Her leap took the American Internet by storm.China’s new Star at the Olympics is an American anchor on fox News, CNN said in a bold headline after Gu Eiling, China’s Olympic champion, had “sold out American interests to China.”Some called her a “traitor to America”, biting the hand that feeds her.The United States, which calls itself a “superpower”, was so angry that it jumped off its feet when a girl won a gold medal for China.Here represents the general domestic net friend’s aspiration first, say 1: cool dead who?Gu Ailing’s gold medal made some people’s faces ache.They kidnapped Gu with their own will and morality, making her have to fight for the United States.In the movie donkey gets Water, principal Sun kneels down in front of his daughter and seems to admit his mistake, saying, I was too selfish to make an experiment in rural education, but it was my dream all my life.In fact, this is a kind of moral kidnapping, for his education dream, others are suffering, sacrifice is a matter of course.In reality, there are always people who use their own moral standards to kidnap the interests of others.Us netizen Dao De kidnapped Gu, arguing that since she was using us training resources, she would represent the US in the competition.These unvirtuous people stood on the moral high ground and judged Gu Ailing morally.As if he were the absolute possessor of truth, in fact he harbors evil intentions and guesses others with the deepest malice.Over the naturalized athlete controversy, foreign netizens morally kidnapped Gu Ailing, and some people in China don’t like her.It is suspected that she only changed the nationality of the INTERNATIONAL Skating Federation and paid taxes in the United States, which is not pure and seeks the interests of both countries.Sure enough, trolls know no borders.Korean born Ahn Hyun-soo, who led the Chinese short-track speed skating team to gold, was also subjected to online abuse by Korean netizens.Ahn Hyun-soo once won three gold MEDALS and one bronze MEDALS for South Korea. However, he had no choice but to become a Russian national due to his physical injury and faction fighting in the team. After retirement, he was invited by Wang Meng to become a coach in China.It is no exaggeration to say that South Korea gave up ahn hyun-soo first. Why did he betray South Korea?Also under fire was figure skater Zhu Yi, who was accused of using her scientist father to enter the Games through the back door after a series of falls.The common characteristics of the three athletes, all with foreign shadow, are naturalized athletes:Ahn Hyun-soo, a Native of South Korea, became a Russian citizen to compete and retired to teach in China the so-called naturalized athlete, who voluntarily acquires the nationality of another country other than his or her birth nationality.Besides them, the most obvious is the Chinese men’s and women’s hockey teams.Half of the 25 players on China’s men’s hockey team are naturalized.There are 13 naturalized players on the 23-member women’s hockey team, most of whom are of Chinese descent.Judging from online public opinion, the key for naturalized athletes to gain recognition is their core strength and spirit.Naturalized athletes are sure to be scrutinized by the public more than homegrown athletes.Because when a naturalized athlete is selected, it means that a native athlete is not selected.In fact, China is not the first country to include naturalized athletes in the Winter Olympics.At the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, the Korean ice hockey team naturalized seven Canadian and U.S. athletes.The reason for the use of naturalized athletes is analyzed by the media: there is a shortage of athletes to complete the mission of “participating in all sports” set by the General Administration of Sport of China, such as ice hockey, which has been limited in popularity in China. Compared with European and American countries, Athletes from Asian countries are obviously in a weak position in physical fitness.The Chinese men’s hockey team has never competed in the Olympics, and the women’s team has competed in the Olympics for the first time in 12 years.Naturalized athletes are the best choice for disadvantaged sports.For now or for ever?Naturalized athletes are a kind of talent flow, but at the national level.Looking back, China has won a total of 13 gold MEDALS, including 10 in short-track speed skating.Without short track speed skating, winter sports in China would be “nothing”.In order to meet the demand, many projects related to snow and ice in China are being “naturalized”.The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics led a “naturalization movement”.These naturalized athletes, some of them are gold medal contenders, some are weak.From the perspective of the policy of naturalized athletes, China’s winter sports really have great shortcomings.In 2016, a survey said that China’s shortage of snow and ice professionals has reached 100,000.According to the Research Report on the Development of China’s Ice and Snow Industry, about 80,000 ice and snow professionals are needed for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. From getting rid of the title of “sick man of East Asia” to 1932, when only Liu Changchun of China participated in the Olympic Games, to Beijing becoming “the City of double Olympics”, our dream of being a sports power is not going smoothly.China cannot rely only on naturalized athletes to make up for its chronic lack of advantage in the Winter Olympics, nor can it let the field of the Winter Olympics only smell like northeast China.There is nothing wrong with introducing naturalized athletes into winter sports, but in the long run, we still need to improve related infrastructure, cultivate talents and build our own cultural ecology of winter sports.Naturalization is only for a while, training their own talent is forever.What do you think about this?