If you haven’t seen any of them, it’s a shame

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Inventory five excess sugar sweet pet show, if you haven’t seen a film, that really is too bad sweet pet has always been the audience favorite TV series, chase chase play outside job is busy, really is a very pleasant thing, sweet pet show aired in recent years is also a then a, there was quite good, but some drama plot, the actor’s acting is fat,Today xiaobian to share a few super sweet plot, and male and female main high appearance level, actors acting is also good sweet pet drama, let’s see which one you like best?Originally I Love you, adapted from mu Fusheng’s novel of the same name, tells the story of sang Wuyan’s tortuous love affair with idol songwriter Su Nian-quilt.Xiaobian first to share this small sweet drama, there is no heavy filter, the whole play is very natural, and some small details are very good, the male and female main appearance level is high, very compatible.2, “my little really” the play is adapted from east and west gu’s novel “you are my little really luckily, tells the story of internship lawyer CongRong and surgeons WenShaoQing childhood friends meet again, in the” business partner “and” considerate neighbors “under the multiple identities of assists, close two people from mutual Dui friends to accompany each other’s story.This play is Xing Fei, Tang Xiaotian starring, two people appearance level is very high, and the most adorable height difference is also very sweet, happy enemy, childhood sweetheart setting really is too sweet, and the whole play without abuse point.Under the cloak of sweet drama, the play shows a more layered and profound meaning, and conveys full of positive energy to the audience.The drama is based on gu Man’s novel of the same name. It tells the story of popular actress Qiao Jingjing and her high school sweetheart Yu Tu, who meet again online after a 10-year break, and embark on a romantic and healing journey of warm love.This drama is dili reba and Yang Yang starring, can be said to be the entertainment CP ceiling, two people’s appearance level is very high, but also the female star and space designer love, actors acting very natural.4, “so lovely we” this play tells the story of a group of people born in 1992, grow in the tree moral education worker family affiliated hospital, self-styled as “number 1992” day group after 90 — Yellow orange, talk song, Wish today night, Chen most, he Jinzhao a series of warm feelings about the dream of growth and a bit of ambiguous feelings.This play is really very cure, although there are only 16 sets, but the plot is really warm, is a typical neighborhood youth play, the youth campus story with childhood sweethearts acme, make friendship line, love line, family line have a long stream of warm emotions.5, “The secret of the Secret” the play is based on the novel of the same name created by ear East rabbit adaptation, tells the story of superior unruly campus male god and stubborn lovely Cinderella, two people from mutually exclusive desktop. the final achievement of each other’s youth love story.This play is really too sweet, two-way crush set, both of them are very good, I have to say, such equal love is really too attractive.And the male and female main appearance level is very high, full of youth.From baby kiss to marriage, from dew deskmate to never abandon, from school uniform to wedding dress, there are many exciting lines, let the audience also fell into the sweet campus love.Today xiaobian to share with you a few good sweet pet drama, each is worth second brush, if you haven’t seen one, it’s really a pity, which one do you like best?Feel free to share them in the comment box below.