Hard work is a habit, so is excellence

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The most precious treasure of life is to remain true to our original aspiration and move forward all the way, regardless of good times and bad times.There are many excellent people around, everyone has a lot of shining points, worth learning.When learning becomes a habit, you will have your own charm and temperament.Life is like a marathon, some people win at the beginning, some people laugh at the end.Some people make it to the finish line, not because they run fast, but because they keep running.Pu Songling was like this. In order to write strange stories from a Chinese studio, he built a thatched pavilion by the roadside and listened to the stories told by passers-by. He collected stories for several decades, and his efforts and persistence finally completed this literary work.Many people often see the success of others, but ignore the efforts behind others, often the more successful the more hard, the more excellent the people.I saw the small money teacher wrote so many reading notes, the word is very beautiful, but also so serious.Ge Shu every morning at 5 o ‘clock on time, every day, never interrupted.Grass teacher again busy, have no problem with the time arrangement, work, writing, life are busy and orderly.The momo teacher is still working late at night.People often envy their high income, but only they know the bitterness behind it.There is no such thing as success without any reason.It’s normal to encounter difficulties in everything you do, so don’t be afraid to spend time on solving problems.As you solve problem after problem, you will find that you are better.May you have your own passion, never forget the original purpose of hard work, meet a better yourself.