Germany Lempetz is surprised to show an appraisal of only 150 thousand south Song Ge kiln plate finally auctioned 10 million YUAN

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Antique art Appreciation and collection On December 8, 2018, in Germany Lempertz private collection auction — Asian art special, a south Song Ge gray glaze six kwai mouth discount plate, starting from 150,000 euros, after the scene of 5 European collectors and 8 telephone commissioned fierce competition, lasted more than 10 minutes,The final price of 900,000 euros (nearly 10,000,000 yuan (plus commission)) was bought by a telephone collector.Southern Song Dynasty Grey and green glaze six kwai mouth folding waist plate source: Friedrich Otto Hasse (1886-1964) Bremen, Germany, private collection, purchased in the 1920s, since then family heritage Size: 14 cm in diameter estimate: 200,000-250,000 €Nearly RMB 10,000,000 (plus commission) This plate has six petals with sunflower mouth, shallow arc wall, circle feet slightly introverted.Inside and outside the whole body and inside the circle foot are gray green glaze, glaze all over the pieces.Because of the thin glaze layer at the edge of the mouth, the black and brown embryo is reflected. The marks of multiple glazing can be seen near the edge of the outer wall.There are five round burn marks on the outsole.This piece belongs to the best of the ancient Ge kiln porcelain.(Photo and text from Internet)