Drive car kaifeng, Anyang, Linzhou, Jingdi Village, Pingshun County

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Drive implantation during May Day in 2021, we successively road kaifeng, anyang, taihang grand canyon, bottom hole in Lin village, pingshun county, changzhi city, jincheng, yangcheng county, luoyang royal residence and longmen grottoes, the Beijing Hong Kong and Macao high-speed from north to south, along the south high-speed Lin from east to west, and the two high-speed wide from north to south, a total of turned five cities took five days.All the way to eat and live in the bed car, eliminating the cost of accommodation, the whole journey to spend 500 yuan of gasoline, taste food to spend 200 yuan.From the aspect of eating, from the vegetables brought at home to the end of the bed car driving trip, these vegetables have not been finished, especially Onions and potatoes are very resistant to eating, put for ten days and half a month will not be bad, so we take a lot of potatoes and Onions, eat most of these vegetables;Of course, we must taste the local food in every place. For example, we tasted the famous fried egg residue in Anyang Bell Tower.In Jincheng tasted Wang Lang roast chicken;In Yangcheng County huangcheng Xiangfu tasted local people made xi ‘an zenggao, this may be they learn from Xi ‘an, they said that a day can sell four POTS, do not know whether it is true or not, in short, sticky sweet delicious taste;We tasted beef soup in Luoyang Jiudu East Road.From the aspect of living, bed car is our mobile home, go to where to live, along the way or live in the high-speed service area, or live in the scenic parking lot, or live in the entrance of the high-speed toll station, in short, live in a place to choose a high safety place;One night camping let us remember that we are in luoyang longmen station under the toll station, looking at the environment clean and relatively safe decided to camp at night, SiWuDian afternoon there stopped several cars, to makes a car for us after 9 o ‘clock in the night, the night coming next station car did not stop there,In addition to the surrounding trees clattering sound we do have some fear, fortunately, we are 100 meters away from the Toll Gate, can see the figures of the activities of the staff in the night, the in the mind has a sense of relief, so the night camping must be parked near the crowd is the safest place, once there is a situation will be rescued.From car picnic said, bed anywhere camping out for a picnic, picnic place, of course, also must be safe, such as in xinxiang service area camping picnic is safe road car is very much also, and we also met Harbin juyou meeting, iveco is refitted bed they drive all the way from hainan way north xinxiang service area to meet us.Let us the most unforgettable, the picnic on May 3rd day is under the bottom hole village hanging road corner place for a picnic, standing on a mountain just see a few kilometers below the hanging road like fairyland, mountain car horns to mountain picnic place is like a heavenly voice dreaming, we wish to open after the meal to the mountains, through the wall hanging web celebrity bottom village road,I remember it like it was yesterday.Now, this May Day drive through the village of well out of this segment to share, the car friends through this section of the road in the future is also a reference.From jingdi village to the wall hanging road, jagged rocks and a thousand yards of cliffs jingdi village wall hanging road is being built, there are safety nets to protect the two-way through the Jingdi village wall hanging road, our cars in the west are waiting for vehicles from Pingshun County, our car is the first in line, the security is contacting the west cave whether to release;Stop on the west to the east, west, the east park road is pingshun one-way street wall hanging over the bottom hole village road, the lens in the distance is the mouth of the cave, ninety – degree turn the corner someone offering a great god, and I don’t know what the fairy licences in shanxi good car to a smooth direction east road, is turn many downhill with an inside the tunnel after several no lights,Need your own light to illuminate for a long time, forget what the tunnel is called, see the light at the entrance of the heart is very comfortable friends:Pingshun side winding mountain roads are great, rest assured through oh, 40 minutes to the valley bottom village, turn north to smooth turn south to jincheng, really regret not to jincheng from here, would like the feeling of walking in the valley plain in the peach blossom is open, there still may be associated with colder in the mountains, flowers later due north road is very clean air or see the shanxi pingshun,A little excited little county, north-south also pretty clean around the street corner is mountain, castle peak CuiGu, xanadu through the streets in shanxi changzhi went west, through the urban road don’t capsize river ditch, look for the light to travel west continue to west street on both sides of the buildings is not high, simple folkway,Pingshun County Housing Authority to the west is the Linchang Highway, about two kilometers on the high speed Qingshan Cuigu, beautiful mountain village highway fast down, we went directly to changzhi city from this toll station, more than three to Changzhi.Summary: 2021 May Holiday, our bed car road trip way well bottom village wall hanging road and Pingshun County, this section of the road to share with the car friends, friends from linzhou direction through the Taihang Grand Canyon to Shanxi, maybe this article can give you some reference, shanxi, go fast.