Standardizing property rights transaction management will help rural revitalization

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Recently, jiangyan District, Yudiao Town, Gonglu village, four aquaculture water projects with a total area of 311.3 mu, through open contract, online trading bidding, finally with 2.655 million yuan, increase rate of 31.3%, increase villagers and collective economic income of 636 million yuan.Through standardizing the transaction management of rural property rights, Yuduo town presents a gratifying situation that both villagers and village collective economy increase.The person in charge of the agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau of the town introduced that in 2021, the rural property rights transaction of the town 52 projects (excluding the green channel project), the transaction amount of 9.0547 million yuan, the premium amount of 2.745 million yuan, the premium rate of 43.5%, all implemented online transactions.Among them, land and water category of 27 transactions, the transaction amount of 4.8513 million yuan, the premium amount of 1.171 million yuan, the premium rate of 31.8%.In recent years, relying on the provincial rural property rights trading platform, Yushu Town has actively built a rural assets and resources trading service network, and established a rural property rights trading service system with smooth information, efficient operation and standardized service.On this basis, the town will further guide and standardize the transfer and transaction of water surface aquaculture rights, forest rights, rural collective operational assets, agricultural production facilities and equipment, farmers’ contracted land management rights and other activities.With the help of the provincial rural property rights trading platform, the town has expanded the market for the transfer of rural collective assets and resources, attracted more high-quality transferee resources, realized efficient and convenient online transactions, and at the same time benefited the maximization of village collective income and expanded the channels for farmers to increase their income.In October 2021, the town won the third prize of “Jiangsu Province rural Property rights Trading market monitoring and evaluation”.In the next step, the town will further standardize the rural property rights transaction market, realize the open, fair and just rural property rights transaction, improve the allocation and utilization efficiency of rural factor resources, maximize the income of rural collective assets and resources, help farmers to increase their income and get rich, and comprehensively help rural revitalization.Shen Shuming yuan Xincheng Tian Huaiyuan statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: