Pujiang: man criminal record numerous, I do not know repentance steal shoes and be caught!

2022-08-14 0 By

Nowadays many families will choose to put the shoe on the door that is both health and save space, however, shoes are worn on the door it was also some people don’t really have such a rustler, on February 8 pujiang county public security bureau police station received the masses of wu chengdong, call the police, said it in front of black “adidas” shoe was stolen.After receiving the alarm, the police immediately launched an investigation. Through the public video, it was found that at about 23:48 on February 7, a suspicious man came out of the residential building where Mr. Wu lived with a pair of shoes in his hands, quickly changed them and left in a hurry.Subsequently, the police for the first time to determine the man’s foothold, and successfully captured it, did not expect to be arrested when the man’s feet were still wearing the stolen shoes.After checking, suspect Chen mou has many illegal criminal record, and confessed to the illegal facts of the theft of shoes.It is reported that Chen went to a friend’s house on the same day. When he returned home, it rained and his shoes got wet, so he went to a house to change into a pair of dry shoes.When the residential building that passes Mr Wu lives, Chen mou discovers downstairs door is open, enter building in search of shoe ark, and conveniently stole a pair of shoes.Chen has been punished for theft within a year and has been detained for 9 days by the public security organs according to law.Want to know more exciting content, come to zhejiang thing