Looking forward to!The park will open on April 28th

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Beside the Zhang River, it is chilly in spring.Just in the year of the Tiger, the Jingmen Garden Expo park, which is nearing the end of construction, lies in the southwest corner of the city just like a mounted ink painting.In the afternoon of February 10, hubei Daily journalists first came to the park’s Commanding heights landscape tower, which is a cornices tower, surrounded by scaffolding bound tightly.”The landscape tower has six stories and is 35 meters high. The main structure was capped in December last year.”The tower, which will be completed by the end of March, will have a concrete core inside and a steel frame outside, with viewing platforms on each floor, said Chen Bing, director of the civil construction project of jingmen Junfeng Group, the construction company.Climbing up to the sixth floor, the square area of more than 2,000 acres of each major exhibition park, more than a dozen workers are lifting, welding steel brackets, from time to time there is a splash of welding.It is said that each dougong is 4.4 meters long, 0.6 meters wide, 1.3 meters high and weighs 0.75 tons. Due to its large size and narrow working surface, it takes more than 40 minutes to hoist each dougong.The graph is: characteristic rich residential buildings “depress depress!””Press forward!…Li Yunfeng, the squad leader standing on the steel frame on the sixth floor, is directing the large crane below to hoist the dougong to the floor, while several workers operate four manual gourds.Li yunfeng said that on the fourth day of the lunar New Year, he and his workmates returned to their posts from Jingzhou, and six of the 40 dougong had been installed in the whole building.Leaving the landscape tower, the reporter came to the site of jingmen Museum of Natural History, another landmark building in the park.The seemingly cylindrical building is actually a patchwork of eight circular modules with different radii, designed by China Construction Design Group Co. LTD.The picture is: the natural museum two interior scene Junfeng group site technology chief introduction, at present the natural museum is carrying on the final ending construction, including aluminum curtain wall ending, fire ending, interior decoration decoration, etc.On the east side of the museum, a long arm of a boom machine lifts workers to a height of about 20 meters to fill the curtain wall.Walking into the first floor of the museum, liu Dong, a 42-year-old electrician, is squatting to check whether the circuit connection is normal with a ground shaking meter in his hand. Other workers are working on the construction of fire prevention and insulation. Soon, the whole building will undergo a fire linkage test.The picture shows that the welcome exhibition of “Crayfish” in Qianjiang Garden is being carried out in an orderly way. The total exhibition area is more than 6600 square meters. The exhibition organizer is Hefei Anda Chuangzhan Technology Co., LTD., which has served the previous two garden Expo in Our province.Moving to the exhibition hall on the second floor, the exhibition walls made of light steel keel, tens of meters long steel corridor bridge, cylindrical ocean cabin and so on have taken shape. Five exhibition halls will be set up, namely preface Hall, universe Prehistory, evolution miracle, Vistas of life and Jingmen Chu Wang, telling the story of the earth’s natural history, local people and nature in Jingmen.The picture shows: a person in charge of the exhibition organizer introduces the ocean module: “65% of the exhibition items have been completed, software testing is under way, and multimedia equipment will come in next week.”Jia Jia he, project technical director of Anda Chuang Exhibition Company, said the exhibition will be completed by March 26.The picture shows the ecological slope protection of the ancient city wall, the alpine meadow and the zigzagged flower valley in Mianyang, outlining the ecological picture of “water heart mountain bone”.Passing by Qianjiang Garden, Xiantao Garden and Tianmen Garden, we found distinctive features: six huge red lobsters on both sides to welcome visitors, showing the style of “The hometown of Crayfish in China”;Mianyang three steamed, mianyang ancient city wall, the world Championship table and other “immortal peach elements” are coming.The big teapot, the Book of Tea and the statue of Lu Yu tell the story of tianmen tea culture stretching for thousands of years…The graph is: the peach garden world championship the graph is: the paper Yang three steamed steamer It is understood that the third (jingmen) in hubei province garden expo is scheduled for April 28 solstice on June 28th, at present the 32 ZhanYuan characteristics completed, supporting park greening, landscape architecture, road network and construction are coming to an end, a landscape architecture event unfolds will begin.”Adhering to high starting point design, high standard construction, and high-level exhibition arrangement, the Expo will create an innovative, low-carbon, sponge and smart expo in an all-round way. This expo will create a green ecological example and show the historical beauty, ecological beauty, cultural beauty and city beauty of Jingmen to guests and friends at home and abroad.”Jingmen deputy mayor Lei Hua said.It is worth mentioning that the garden expo land belonged to mine goaf, building landfill waste residue, through mine repair, scar management, measures such as habitat connections, to forge a set garden are bo exhibition, sponge city technology application, economical garden technology utilization, natural forest and countryside ornamental vegetation restoration, etc in the integration of ecological green land and garden demonstration projects in the coal mine,This will contribute jingmen experience for the province’s mine repair.(Hubei Daily all media reporter Li Jianjun) Statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a wrong source or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com