Get rid of ticket dependence, some scenic spots free after the first ticket income does not fall but rise

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From February 16 to March 31, the first entrance ticket at 226 scenic spots in Henan is free for tourists.In the past two years, many places across the country have launched scenic spot ticket reduction activities to boost cultural travel consumption.After some scenic spots free tickets, income did not fall but rose.At present, many scenic spots are exploring to get rid of ticket economy and vigorously develop a variety of secondary consumer products such as cableway, rock climbing, performing arts, cultural and creative products.From February 16 to March 31, Henan launched the activity of “Foreseeing Spring · Benefiting Hometown”. The first entrance ticket of 226 scenic spots in the province is free for tourists, which has attracted wide attention.In the past two years, many places across the country have launched scenic spot ticket reduction activities to boost cultural travel consumption.What effect can scenic spot free ticket bring?How does the scenic area make money after admission is free?”Is there a carpool to Laojunshan?” “Everyone’s enthusiasm was so high that the wenlvtong system broke down.” “Stuck for a whole day, we just made an appointment at two o ‘clock in the morning”…On February 15, the news of the free admission of henan scenic spots became a hot online search, with many netizens flooding into the “Henan Wenlutong” mini program to make reservations.The scenic spots participating in the free admission activity in Henan accounted for 82% of the province’s a-level scenic spots, including shaolin Temple, Longmen Grottoes, Yuntai Mountain, Red Flag Canal, Anyang Yin Ruins and other 17 5A scenic spots.The free ticket only applies to the first ticket of the scenic spot, excluding secondary consumption such as transportation.For scenic spots and key tourism enterprises participating in ticket exemption activities, henan financial departments will give subsidies of 50% of the actual ticket exemption amount, and the subsidy funds will be shared by provincial and municipal and county finance in a ratio of 1:1.In the past two years, due to the impact of the epidemic, the tourism industry has suffered a great loss. Many places across the country have launched scenic spot ticket reduction activities to boost tourism consumption.In August 2020, Hubei announced that the province’s A-level scenic spots would be free of admission until the end of the year.In October last year, Henan launched A month-long campaign called “Anticipating golden Autumn · Benefiting Hometown”, with 432 A-level scenic spots offering free admission.From December last year to March 31 this year, seven world cultural heritage sites in Gansu province, including dunhuang Mogao Grottoes and Maijishan Grottoes in Tianshui, offered half-price admission tickets.The reporter noted that the provinces that launched the scenic spot ticket free activities usually also subsidized the scenic spots that participated in the activities and the travel agencies that organized tourists to travel locally to a certain extent, and some even issued cultural travel vouchers with a wide range of use in batches.”On February 16, the first day of free admission, our scenic area received more than 20,000 tourists.”Henan Yuntai mountain marketing director Wu Peimeng told reporters.This is the third time in recent years that yuntai Mountain has offered a ticket-free event.”The overall effect of the previous two activities was very good, and also led to the rapid recovery of the surrounding cultural and tourism industry chain, such as catering, accommodation and transportation.”Wu peimeng said.March is coming soon, which is an important time for the launch of the market of the whole year. Combined with the admission free policy, they will simultaneously launch the fourth Yuntaishan Hanfu Flower Dynasty Festival, hoping to have a good start for the market in 2022.A few days before the event, a number of scenic spots in Henan province booked a maximum number of people, and some also issued a notice to remind tourists to travel in the wrong peak.”By exempting the entrance fee for the first route of scenic spots, it can stimulate and release the demand of the public, especially for price-sensitive tourists.””It’s a good thing for the scenic area,” Wu Liyun, associate professor at the Institute of Chinese Culture and Tourism Industry at Beijing International Studies University, told the reporters. “It brings people in and boosts tourism consumption in the whole destination.”There are people in the tourism industry believe that ticket free as a kind of tourism promotion activities, through vigorously promoting, get the extensive attention of tourists throughout the country, for the scenic spot, in fact, is also a chance to improve the visibility of the “circle”.Explore the development of “two elimination”, get rid of ticket dependence many scenic spots ticket prices are higher, once criticized for relying too much on ticket economy.At the policy level, ticket prices of state-owned scenic spots continue to be promoted.How can scenic spots make money after ticket prices are reduced or even free?”At present, the core income of most scenic spots is actually tickets, but more and more scenic spots are developing ‘second elimination’ products.”Ms. Ng said.The ropeway, cable car, sightseeing bus, participating entertainment, performance, shopping and so on in the scenic area are all secondary consumption items.Wu Peimeng told reporters that yuntai Mountain scenic spot has been promoting various projects and exploring transformation and development since around 2015.At present, the scenic area has a ropeway, rock climbing, night tour, ball screen cinema, accommodation, catering and other secondary consumption items.”Although we held two free admission events in 2021, the overall revenue of the scenic spot has increased compared to 2020.””Free tickets have greatly boosted the ‘second consumer’ market, and our share of ticket revenue is decreasing,” Ms. Wu said.”The number of tourists mainly based on sightseeing is not increasing as in the past, and the number of tourists in some scenic spots is even declining. It will not work if we still rely on ticket economy.”Wu said exploring diversified income channels is conducive to the sustainable development of the scenic spot.In order for the “second elimination” project of scenic spots to make profits, it is necessary to introduce personalized products that meet the needs of tourists according to local conditions.Editor: Ge Shenghua