What is the correct format for writing numbers in fields?

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1. Tian Zi grid is mainly a writing grid composed of four small squares. Practicing characters with tian Zi grid can make the handwriting more neat and dignified, but each number is written differently, so different numeric standards and formats are not the same.2, for example, the number “1”, from the top right corner of the grid and then to the bottom left corner, the number “3”, do not touch the grid line at the beginning of writing, bending up and bending down to touch the line.3. When writing, the upper and lower ports should be slightly bent, and the direction should be controlled when bending. The shape of half bend is the most beautiful.4. For example, the number “6” should be written from the upper right of the field grid, forming an arc when going down, and touching the left line when going down in a circle. After writing, it will look good.Second, the idea of solving the problem: when writing this kind of topic, that is, how to write numbers in the field case, when writing, we should pay attention to write clearly, because the numbers are not the same, so there is no general field case to write numbers.At the same time, it should also explain what is the correct standard writing way of different numbers in the field grid, how to write is correct, how to write looks beautiful.Of course, it is understandable to practice Chinese characters with tian Zi grid, and why to practice numbers with tian Zi grid should also be explained, because using tian Zi grid to write numbers can also standardize the writing of numbers, so as to make their handwriting more neat, moisten things quietly improve their writing level.