Uzi, Pig let list!Korea net inventory 5 ween best operator, big brother win rate is the lowest

2022-08-13 0 By

In many archer hero, Wayne is undoubtedly the most representative one.Wayne is a hero with a very high operation ceiling. Although she is one of the weakest ADC heroes in the early stage, she is very scary in the late stage.Even no matter how bad the situation is, as long as you have a magic Vane on your side, the possibilities are endless.Among the many professional players, there are players who are very good at the hero Wayne.For example, currently BLG ADC player Uzi, because in the global finals using Wayne played a very bright operation, making many people will be Wayne this hero and Uzi together.Even the official look for Uzi in Rise, the theme song of the 2018 Global Finals, was made by Wayne.So, in a way, the official recognition of Uzi Wein’s strength.Recently, a netizen in the Forum of Korean net sorted out the 5 best operators of Winn among all ADC professional players.Among them is Uzi.So, let’s take a look at which professional players make the list.Doublelift win rate: 44.4% (45 games) As the legendary ADC of LCS, Wynne was originally called “the World’s No. 1 Wynne”.But interestingly, with the appearance of Uzi, Piglet, Imp and others, the title of big brother is gradually not mentioned.But at the beginning of his career, His Winn did play very well.Cpt Jack win percentage: 63.1 percent (19 games) Cpt Jack was one of the original LCK superstars, but unfortunately his career didn’t last long.But even so, Wayne of Cpt Jack was very famous at the time.Imp win rate: 61.8% (55 games) S4 season is Imp career most peak a season, and in this season’s global finals, Imp won the “five kill” with Winn, but also let the DP team chose to surrender.Also, Imp has the most wins using Wayne of any professional player.Piglet win percentage: 68.75% Former SKT world champion ADC player and first owner of Wayne World Champion Skin.But unfortunately, after leaving SKT, Piglet’s condition plummeted, which made people have to sigh “short-lived Piglet!”But at its peak, his Wayne always made amazing moves.Uzi win rate: 53.5% As we mentioned earlier, Wayne was the first hero to put Uzi on the map.Also, in LPL’s professional league, Uzi’s lock on Wayne will cause cheers.Of these five contestants, only Uzi is still playing professionally.I don’t know if Uzi will be able to show Wayne again in future LPL matches.Finally, it is worth mentioning that LWX, the other owner of the Winn Champion skin, did not make the list.Perhaps, in the minds of Korean net users, those more “ancient” players can be listed?What do you think of this list?