Note on the inspection and replacement of automobile bulb

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Check the whole vehicle lighting effect of the headlamp requirements are very simple: enough luminosity, appropriate projection Angle.Light is the vehicle annual review of the line of detection items, but in daily use, as long as you feel good.There are two main factors that affect headlamp lighting: luminosity and Angle.There will be bumps and vibrations in the car, so the lamps will become loose and misplaced, which is the most common reason for the decline of lighting effect.The Angle of the headlights is adjustable, mostly in the front cabin, behind the headlights, through positioning screws, but also some outside the car, or electric adjustment inside the car.Without the assistance of photometric instruments, you can park the car on a straight road and start the engine, but remember that the generator must be enough to maintain the normal work of the headlights. Each time after fine-tuning the Angle, switch between near light and far light, adjust to you feel good.In terms of auxiliary lights, width indicator lights, brake lights and reverse lights are required to be bright enough without flashing. The flashing frequency of turn signals should be between 60 and 120 times per minute, and the frequency of front and rear lights should be consistent.The auxiliary lamp is not bright enough. You should first observe the lampshade for aging and yellowing, or water vapor caused by rain leakage.The method of cleanness chimney is very simple, want lampshade to take apart only, wipe inside with wet cloth clean can.If you think the Angle of the light is fine, but the illumination is still not good, it’s time to change the bulb.The bulb of car headlamp has incandescent lamp and halogen lamp two kinds, the electrician efficiency of halogen lamp among them is higher, life is long also, although the price is a few taller, but already became mainstream gradually at present.When choosing a light bulb, pay attention to whether the power of the new light bulb and the original light bulb is exactly the same, because if the power is large, it will be burned immediately, and if the brightness is small, it will be insufficient. Generally, there will be a label indicating the power near the lamp.Remove the light bulb from the back of the lamp, first remove the plastic or rubber cover at the back of the lamp, the plastic cover is unscrewed, the rubber cover can be directly opened, and then you can see the lamp holder part.Most bulbs are held in place by a wire spring. Shake the wire spring from side to side and it will loosen. You can then pull out the lamp holder.Halogen bulb is a cylindrical glass tube. Do not touch the surface of the glass with your hands when taking the new bulb. Otherwise, the grease on the glass will cause the temperature of the bulb to rise sharply when it is powered on, which will cause the bulb to break.The base of the bulb has several positioning pins. Insert the new bulb in the original position, make sure the bulb does not come loose, and then restore the whole headlamp to its original shape in the reverse order of removal.When you’re done, get back in the driver’s seat, turn on the headlights, and enjoy the fruits of your labor.It is easier to replace the auxiliary lamp bulb, which is usually removed from the rear of the lamp.Most signal lamps are fixed to a baseplate that can easily be removed with a screwdriver.For rear lights, remove the interior panel of the trunk first.The bulb of auxiliary lamp is bulb of ball type incandescent lamp commonly, fixed way is our home commonly use right Angle plug lock type.As with headlamps, be sure to replace the bulb with the same wattage.