Sorting out basic Historical Knowledge, Issue 4: What consolidation measures were taken after the Establishment of the Qin Dynasty?

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What consolidation measures were taken after the Establishment of the Qin Dynasty?The Qin Dynasty was a unified feudal dynasty in Chinese history. Although it was short-lived, it was of great significance to the whole Chinese history.It is said that the Qin Law is practiced in hundreds of dynasties. Then, as the first unified dynasty in China, what consolidation measures have been taken after the establishment of the Qin Dynasty?1. The establishment of the imperial system, imperial power supreme;2. The central government established a system of three public officials and nine ministers;3. Establish and implement county system in local areas;4, the establishment of accounting system.1. Maintaining a large standing army;2, tiger system, seal system;3, the North of the Huns, the establishment of the Great Wall;4, the southern expedition yiyue, to the south to open up territory and establish nanhai, Guilin, elephant and other counties;Collect the world weapons, destroy the city defense, repair road, five feet road;6, the implementation of the garrison law.1. Unification of weights and measures and unification of currency;2, the establishment of private ownership of land, “qianshou since the field”;3. Migrate the rich to Xianyang and develop the landlord economy.1. Burn books and bury scholars in the ground, and take officials as teachers;2, unified text, make small seal script as the prevailing text;3. Formulate strict Qin Laws.