Gradually lose trust, super force risk out of control, watching foreign aid to leave the team, Jin Zhongfu did not ride to help

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The Chinese Super League (CSL) will face a tough time in 2022, as the Chinese men’s football team failed to qualify for the World Cup.As the financial owner of eight-time Champion Guangzhou, Xu doesn’t want to give up his hard-earned business easily.Unlike Guangzhou, Shanghai Shenhua, another established club in the Chinese Super League, has struggled largely because of a lack of investment interest from Greenland Holdings.According to Titan Sports, shenzhen, Hebei, Chongqing and Guangzhou are all set to embrace shareholding reform, and their prospects are bright, with the exception of the hard-line Guangzhou.Compared with several teams, Shanghai Shenhua broke out a series of trust crisis.In the 2021 season, Shanghai Shenhua resolutely introduced several strong players, such as wu Xi, Adrien and so on, when the teams slowed down their efforts to recruit. Greenland Holdings originally hoped that the team could bring back a championship trophy at the end of the season, but Cui Kangxi dismissed and MAO Yijun failed to complete the task well.The loss of trust in Greenland after missing out on the title, coupled with a cooling Chinese soccer market that has made investors reluctant to spend more money, has left Shanghai Shenhua with unpaid wages.Shanghai Shenhua have been in arrears for several months, according to the Soccer News, which believes Greenland has a plan to split.Shanghai Shenhua is also facing a crisis of confidence among its players following the outbreak of unpaid wages, in which case it may only be a matter of time before the players leave.It is reported that Jonic and J league Osaka sakura has made preliminary contact, not excluded after in-depth discussions on bilateral cooperation, and after Jonic opened a head, Adrian, Basogo et al contact next, can also be foreseen.In the face of the possibility of foreign players fleeing one by one, Shanghai Shenhua can only complain, but dare not take forcible retention measures, after all, FIFA is more strong in safeguarding the rights and interests of players caused by the disputes between players and clubs caused by unpaid wages.Interestingly, at the present stage, Shanghai Shenhua has not officially announced MAO Yijun, which means zhou Jun is more inclined to change the coach. However, in the face of the fans’ appeal for “inviting Kim Jong-fu to join”, Shanghai Shenhua still hasn’t responded until now, so it seems to be really short of money.In the face of high-quality Korean bishops, most clubs are surprisingly consistent in their attitude: they strongly invite them to join, but under the circumstance that the investment intention of the financial owners is becoming cold, Shanghai Shenhua is not competitive, and Kim Jong-fu can not just pay for nothing.All the current situation seems to indicate that Shanghai Shenhua is on the verge of losing control.