Google Pixel 6 devices have a new bug, this time the magic eraser

2022-08-12 0 By

Google recently fixed a number of major connectivity issues on their latest Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro devices.However, thanks to another error on the device, the Google flagship seems unable to rest.Users have taken to Twitter and Reddit to report and discuss a new issue they are facing with the Magic Eraser feature in the Google Photos app.Users said the photos app crashed every time they clicked on the Magic Eraser.The error apparently came in conjunction with a recent update to the Google Photos app.The user tried to solve the problem by clearing the cache and data, but to no avail.Restoring the device to factory Settings also doesn’t work, as it completely removes the Magic Eraser feature from the device.For those who don’t know, one of the key features of the Pixel 6 device is the Magic Eraser, which uses the machine learning capabilities of Google’s new tensor processor to enable users to remove unwanted objects or people from photos.Google Photo’s official Twitter handle has instructed users affected by the error to follow the steps in their “Fix installed Android Applications that don’t work” article, however, the general fix mentioned in the article doesn’t seem to work.For users who are not already infected with this new vulnerability, we strongly recommend that you temporarily turn off automatic updates in the Google Photos App.To turn off automatic updates for the Google Photos app, go to the Play Store and open the Google Photos App page.Then click the three dot buttons in the upper right corner and uncheck the Enable automatic updates check box.# Google Pixel6 Series # For more awesome content, follow Szechuan people in Hong Kong