Eleven students of panyu New Vocational and Technical School took the undergraduate examination, with the undergraduate enrollment rate reaching 85%

2022-08-12 0 By

Recently, panyu District new Vocational and Technical School has received a lot of good news. The students of class 2019 have achieved remarkable results in the 2022 “3+ Certificate” college entrance examination. 11 of them are enrolled in the undergraduate program, including 6 public ones, and the undergraduate enrollment rate is 85%.This year, a total of 11 students participated in the undergraduate enrollment and test, and 11 students were admitted by Guangdong Polytechnic Normal University, Hanshan Normal University, Guangdong Institute of Science and Technology, and Guangdong Polytechnic University of Industry and Commerce, with the admission rate of 100%.It is worth noting that this year, 182 qualified students applied for the environmental design major of GUANGDONG Polytechnic Normal University, 179 took the test, and 40 were finally admitted. All the 5 students from Panyu New Vocational and Technical School who applied and took the test were admitted, accounting for 1/8 of the total enrollment of environmental design.This year, 278 students from the 2019 college Entrance examination class took part in the college entrance examination, with an average score of 301 points (out of 450 points) in the three subjects of Language, Mathematics and English. 139 students scored more than 300 points, accounting for 50% of the total.There are 237 undergraduate students (260 points), accounting for 85% of undergraduate students.There are 278 people in the specialized department, and the on-line rate is 100%.This year, our students participated in the “3+ certificate” college entrance examination, and achieved brilliant results in both the undergraduate on-line rate, the number of high scores, the average total score and the provincial ranking. This is a historic breakthrough for our school.Article: Panyu Rong media reporter Liu Li correspondent Feng Shuqiong