Yibin Xuanyi pure electric profit promotion, straight down 45,000, welcome to inquire

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“Thanksgiving NI accompany all the way with ceremony” to the store that enjoy the whole car to enjoy 3 years 0 interest, 2 years 0 interest;Car purchase enjoy real 0 down payment /0 months for the new car easy “loan” go, send 5 years 10 maintenance;Free evaluation of any model, replacement to the highest can enjoy 10000 subsidies;Zhiyong instinctive SUV Qi Jun only 35,000 yuan down payment package to open home;Buy dongfeng Nissan all models enjoy gearbox for 5 years 150,000 km extended warranty service.The greatest happiness is the health of the family!The biggest wish is to travel at ease!Choose Dongfeng Nissan, to realize the protection of family all the way!For more details, please call: 400-140-1415 or leave your contact information online, we will have network VIP specialist to contact you in detail!Five-star franchise stores to provide the best quality service, is our most sincere guarantee to you!Address of Yibin Franchise:Hetian Motor City (next to gas station on Qixing Road), East section of South Bank Qixing Avenue, promotion time from February 04, 2022 to February 09, 2022Have residence permit, local household registration, this month to order a car, in the store on insurance, in the store on the license, need to buy boutique, in the store loan, in the store replacement Xuan Yi pure electric latest quotation model manufacturer’s guide price/subsidy price discount range Yibin quotation Smart Version 25400 yuan 4500 yuan 20900 yuan comfort version 23800 yuan 4500 yuan 19300 yuan