The killer industrial tourism, lonely Escape language: production and breeding combination

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“Balance Management ※Day61, production-raise combination, industry and tourism together” ■ Click ● Focus ● “Cold window empty guard/lonely cold window empty guard”Can enjoy one to one engineering, real estate, industrial operation comprehensive consultation, the first question free.Engineering, technical planning and research, paper revision, welcome to consult.At the same time, we welcome the exchange of poetry, literature and meditation.● How difficult it is to combine industry and health care, and how rare it is. Before WRITING this article, I screened a large number of cases.The scarcity of such success stories is illustrated by the fact that they are not readily available.That is, success depends on chance, not strength.Industry and pension, is a pair of contradictory, so in the vast city, it is almost impossible to see this combination.Of course, this combination is a deviation form of combination, but not necessarily not completely, there can only be a special case.The special case I have in mind is called industrial tourism.This is a new form, almost only under this form of projects, can be called production-breeding portfolio projects.Of course, there are other similar projects out there.Such projects, whether designed or late, will certainly not be mainstream.I don’t even see a lot of value in this kind of project.But such programs, if rare, have their redeeming qualities at special times.Contrary to logic, does not mean that there are no successful examples.However, such examples are few and far between, and even fewer are successful. Although few, they still have certain characteristics.The most important feature of this kind of project is to ensure that the industry does not create a negative impression of the health industry.People may be able to tolerate working in a highly polluted area, but it is difficult to tolerate aging in a highly polluted area.So does industry necessarily represent high pollution? From the classification of industry, we know that it does not.Therefore, there are still some industries can be combined with health care.For example, some industrial tourism will choose some non-highly polluting and ornamental industries as synergies and then introduce tourism.That’s the logic.For example, the lighting industry in The ancient town of Zhongshan has been successful, but it has reached a certain scale.Foshan has also found another way of industrial tourism in craft ceramics.The characteristic of these industries is that they are close to the first – and second-tier cities, with controllable pollution and certain ornamental features.There is also a concentration of industrial-tourism real estate near the rocket launch site in Wenchang, Hainan.This shows that in addition, relying on the air show industry, Zhuhai’s Golden Bay Area hopes to build such an industry — tourism real estate.For now, it’s not a success, it’s a useful experiment.Now, of course, some nursing homes are housed in apartments, which are derived from office buildings.This tortuous combination can also be regarded as a universal industry – health real estate.This kind of because it is too far away, I also have a certain prejudice to this kind of apartment, so whether it is a project of the integration of production and raising, or worth discussing.In more forms, there is also a tourism-R&D cooperation park built by upgrading some old factories. After becoming a popular online check-in point, it is also a type of project that combines industry and tourism.Of course, due to various reasons, the probability of success of this kind of park is not high, and at the same time, too much land and too low output value have always been the biggest disadvantage of these parks.The industry representative is uncertain now, while the health representative is determined in the future.Therefore, they are not the same.Occasionally there are some industrial clusters that can settle down, only through some intermediary as a link, the two together.Usually direct contact is difficult, will be intermediate through residential, or commercial forms of contact.Then it becomes a kind of co-existence of three industries, even with residential or commercial as the focus of the project, other industries, tourism and health care are auxiliary, in fact, lost the original intention of the research.This difference is really too big, hard to squeeze the two together, there will always be all kinds of inappropriate.Especially in marketing, you can’t say, you’re at work and you’re in rehab.At this time, I think of the summer resort of the Qing Dynasty, the Summer Palace, such as the imperial gardens, is said to be the main office.No wonder there were such big problems in the governance of the Qing Dynasty.This is the danger of cramming, and it is a model THAT I urge all investors to be cautious about.This model is bound to be difficult, but it does not mean that it cannot be done.If this risk can be addressed, there is an industry opportunity.This opportunity comes from the fact that both may have access to cheaper land on which to complete projects.There are greater investment opportunities.This is the internal logic of success.Of course, if done right, today’s projects have an almost unreplicable element in the middle.This element is a specific industry, corresponding to a specific group of people, and these people have special needs for a certain health industry.It’s hard to get all these things together._ Noun explanation: “production-support combination” industry (office building, industry, industry), health care (tourism, pension) and other real estate forms coexist in a project, and both of them are heavy projects.Such projects are rare, and few succeed.Housing, commerce, industry and medical care represent the four forms of real estate, but also have their own logic.Housing represents the expectation of the future. The logic is that dreams come true.Business represents the determination of the present. The logic is to live in the present.Industry represents the expectation of the present, the logic is, stay together for warmth;Medical care represents the determination of the future, and the logic is, youth forever._ The pictures are from the Internet, and part of the text is also quoted from the Internet.If there is infringement, please contact the author to delete.Only subscribe, never miss out again.Only like, give motivation.Only reply, have a goal.Your needs are the direction of the author’s research.Write for yourself and cheer for life.The author “lonely cold window empty guarding” poem: lonely cold window, empty guarding peace.Focus on the classics and find a new way.King Kong wisdom, forge ahead.To cast out bricks to attract jade is to make progress.Date: 220213