Pursue levy, punish!The tax bureau has zero tolerance for “zero declaration” in 2022

2022-08-11 0 By

“Zero declaration” is a situation that many start-up companies will encounter in the early stage of operation. When enterprises conduct zero declaration processing, they will be fined for their mistakes because of a lack of clear understanding.So where does “zero filing” apply?How to judge their own enterprises can be “zero declaration”?I’m here to give you a rundown.(1) 2022 enterprise “zero declaration” processing standard: according to the relevant provisions, a company after receiving the business license, the general start of formal operation of the next month should be legally accounting tax declaration.But in reality, many newly registered companies have no business in the early stage of operation, have not been officially put into operation, no actual business, so this period of time can be zero declaration application.The following is the enterprise “zero declaration” application standard :(2) long-term “zero declaration”, the consequences are very serious!Long-term term is generally refers to more than 3 months, that is to say, an enterprise for 3 consecutive months zero declaration, will cause the alert attention of tax authorities, because this already belongs to the abnormal situation.Taxpayers should clearly distinguish zero declaration, tax exemption, no tax payable in practice, although the final is zero tax payable, if the enterprise does not make clear the relevant provisions, do not correctly zero declaration, then it may face audit, corporate credit rating decline and other risks.If the enterprise violates the rules and regulations of false zero declaration, it will be subject to additional taxes and fines.In addition, when an enterprise has zero declaration for a long time, the tax authorities will bring it into the focus of the detection range for evaluation, if the enterprise is found to have false opening, hidden income and other behaviors will also be levied tax fines, and may even carry out the next inspection.In short, old accounts suggest that enterprises do not long-term zero declaration, nor zero declaration as a long-term way of handling.If the enterprise really has no taxable income, it should carefully consider whether to continue operating, after all, a tax risk not only affects the enterprise operation, but also may affect the boss’s credit investigation and so on.Related fiscal and tax problems, please pay more attention to old accounts!