Norwegian alpine skier: I can’t tell you how much I love this place

2022-08-11 0 By

Yesterday (Feb. 3), held a conference in yanqing conference teams in alpine skiing Norway, the players have expressed the love for alpine skiing field, please listen to the reporter Li Wei reports of Beijing Olympics yanqing division circuit how good alpine skiing, after these days of training, players are repeatedly praise of each delegation.Norway, as a traditional strong team in snow and ice sports, has a good strength in alpine skiing events.Team Kelder’s goal this time in Beijing, of course, is to win an Olympic medal.After days of training at Snow Swallow, he didn’t even know what words to use to describe the track.”New ground, new snow, new challenges, it’s really hard to imagine what it’s going to be like,” Kelder said.The snow is so great, you can do whatever you want, it’s really nice.”Of course, there is another pressure for Kyle to stay close to his girlfriend in terms of performance.That goal is unlikely to be achieved now that his girlfriend is none other than American star Michael Schiffrin.In addition to Kelder, Norway’s Olympic gold medallist, Kjettil, also expressed his expectations for the Beijing Games. “I want to show what team Norway can do. That’s why I’m here, not only for myself, but for our country.”Alpine skiers will be training at the venue for the next few days, and the first men’s downhill event will start at 11am on February 6.