“March 21” Flight accident of China Eastern Airlines MU5735 aircraft: Basic knowledge of the general distribution and depth of aircraft debris

2022-08-11 0 By

Technicians have conducted an in-depth investigation and analysis of the physical geography, topography, geological and hydrological conditions in the area where the accident occurred, Lu Yuzeng, a professor at Guilin University of Technology, said at the ninth press conference of the National Emergency Response Headquarters for the March 21 China Eastern MU5735 flight accident, Xinhua reported.Analyzed the crash damage to the surface and the structure of rock and soil layer, buried wreckage detection problems, such as using ground penetrating radar (GPR) measures the impact of shallow soil layer, and the distribution of the wreckage, completed 24, data processing and interpretation, basic mastered the wreckage in the ground of general distribution and depth, excavation scheme for the core area,To support the search.