LPL situation changes dramatically, TES has become a second-rate team, WE win hard to find, the most unexpected is RNG

2022-08-11 0 By

2022LPL spring game before the game has come to an end, each team has played an average of four or five games, we also have a preliminary understanding of the state or strength of each team, compared with last summer, this year it only played three weeks of the game, the overall situation has undergone a great change.EDG is the S11 world champion, but the players did not lose after winning the championship. They are still in a very good state of preparation. Starch must be very pleased, and LNG has won five consecutive games, which is quite unexpected.The addition of Doinb and his excellent nakano link with Tarzan has really given this team a boost.However, the most unexpected result should be RNG so far, RNG after losing the first game to FPX and fought back, also achieved a wave of five consecutive wins.Although RNG enhanced its paper strength with the addition of Bin, from the German Cup to the early games in the spring, RNG played very difficult, even though it was rated as an S-level team by a lot of commentators before the game, but because Bin and RNG run in very difficult, many people say that RNG will not enter the playoffs.However, in the last few games, RNG seems to have found the “instructions to open bin correctly”, and we can see that the RNG team is moving in a better direction.TES, also known as “Huazi,” is stuck in the swamp. It was an “S+” before the competition, and now it’s a joke. It lost to OMG the year before, and the contestants and fans are not in the mood for a good year.TES is now two wins and three defeats, ranking even in the UP team after ten, reduced to a second-rate team level, of course, this is only a temporary ranking, but TES’s performance now is really very worrying.TES was criticized before the point is late group war thin broken, but because of the taotao players on the line ability is relatively strong, coupled with the Karsa control chart playing wild, so good early always can establish an advantage, but perhaps replace Karsa is not wise, now taotao even early advantage is difficult to get, this is more difficult to play in the late.Said this is not hope TES and play wild, everyone can see, TES now the problem is not just for a few people can solve, and LPL which have so many good players enough for you TES casually change ah?This team has no backbone now, all the members are playing in disorder, or rely on the players and the coaching staff to review and improve, I hope to bring everyone a new look in the New Year.Finally, V5 team lost 16 games in a row last summer, and it was hard to win one game, while WE of Osan have lost four games in a row so far this spring, and it is hard to win one game. It seems that “Diablo 4” will be reshuffling this year.So which team has surprised you the most so far in the tournament?Which team do you think is the most “champion” this year?Welcome to share!