Fuzhou nursing home yuanxiao!Guess lantern riddles, market activities, grandparents returned with a full load

2022-08-11 0 By

The Lantern Festival represents reunion and hope. In order to welcome this special day, the National Health care Center held lantern riddles and market activities, which enriched the lives of the elderly, increased communication between neighbors and created a harmonious and beautiful festival atmosphere.This morning, the staff early in the corridor hung lantern riddles, activities have not begun, grandparents can not wait to come to the scene of the activity, the scene is very lively.At the same time, grandparents responsible for the market activities also set up their stalls, have become small stall owners, waiting for everyone to use the national German currency obtained through the activity to exchange gifts.Toothpicks, paper towels, laundry detergent, hangers, snacks, everything from groceries to nutritional supplements.It didn’t take long for the stall to be set up, but it was surrounded by a crowd of people. They would pick out what they wanted together in front of the stall, and occasionally negotiate with the stall owner. When they met acquaintances, they would sit and chat on the long corridor.Guessing lantern riddles is a traditional part of the Festival. On the other side, rows of red lantern riddles hang between the corridors, fluttering in the breeze.The challenging activity, which involves guessing characters, animals and fruits and vegetables, has attracted many onlookers.We carefully look at the answer to the riddle, thinking about the answer to the riddle, some and friends together to discuss each other, some alone quietly thinking, guess the answer to the riddle of grandpa and grandma happily took the answer to exchange prizes, after an activity, everyone’s hands have a lot of harvest.The event was drawing to a close as the elders returned with their loads.Although there was no family reunion in the nursing home, the activities full of festive atmosphere and the company of friends also made the grandparents experience the happiness and jubilation of the festival in this unforgettable Lantern Festival.