Digital empowerment mechanism reform Power supply work “Snatching orders”

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Zhejiang news client correspondent Zhang Zhenghua, Tang Jinjin, Zhang Ling, trainee reporter Hu Jingyi power supply staff use the “I State network” APP on the phone to complete the province’s first number of intelligent power supply business order.Zhejiang news client correspondent Hong Haozhe camera Practitioners of the Internet platform, the power supply staff also began to “grab orders”.Dongqian Lake Power Supply Station of State Grid recently included new energy site survey and other businesses into its work order, encouraging employees to carry out related businesses.”There are extra ‘points’, everyone with mobile phone’ grab order ‘dry, more work more.”The low-voltage power supply service staff sun Wei said.Power supply station is the smallest unit of power grid. In the past two years, State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power Company has promoted the reform of power supply station with digital empowerment, and explored the improvement of quality and efficiency of this minimum unit through the work order, work order digitalization and digital performance of staff business.Originally, the manager of the Taiwan area carried out the responsibility system, and kept the “one mu three points”, the monthly work content of the “gross estimate”, the work presented the deputy director in charge – team leader – team members of the hierarchical distribution model.Under the background of electric power market reform and electric power technology innovation and other industry transformation, new technologies and new formats pose great challenges to the traditional work content and mode.State Grid Ningbo Power Supply Company party member service members for the poor elderly hanlinggu village to repair indoor wiring and equipment.Around the power supply reform, state grid Ningbo Yinzhou District power supply Company has taken a key step of digital empowerment.Business work order was firstly carried out in low-pressure teams. All businesses were classified into three levels according to the type of work order, and the specific business was divided into 78 sub-categories, and assigned points according to technical content, time spent, and work quality.On this basis, based on the state grid corporation “priorities” APP, its Chinese zhejiang electric power development “intellectualization power substation management platform”, dongqian lake power substation as the first batch of pilot unit to pilot application, change the original team leader directly send single mode, a single digital, unite by the professional integrated management in the online distributing work order,Employees receive work orders on mobile terminals.Power supply staff in dongqian Lake tourist resort on the rv base of electricity facilities safety inspection.The reform is further promoted to digital performance, all work orders and digital traces, not only as the record and evaluation of the work of the power supply station and the work of the staff, more accurately reflected in the staff performance assessment, through performance salary floating, to further stimulate the enthusiasm of the staff.”In addition to the regular work, we will add more work conducive to power supply business expansion, staff skills and quality improvement to the work order, on the basis of the original order to launch the ‘order grabbing’ function.”Dongqian Lake power supply deputy director Xu Renchao said.On March 31, Christianson opened the “Shuzhi Power Supply Management platform” and found that his work score in March — 125.74 points — was the second in his class, which meant that he could get 880 yuan of work points this month.”The more you work, the more you get, the more you work.”He said.Power supply workers inspect electricity consumption at the temporary settlement site for epidemic prevention and control.Exploring innovative allocation mechanism can alleviate the problems of low enthusiasm of employees, slow growth of skills and so on, and also alleviate the problem of lack of staff that has plagued the grassroots for a long time.Now, the “three modernizations” have been fully carried out in the low-pressure class, and began to try out in the high-pressure class.”From the original low voltage to the high voltage business expansion and installation, line repair and other more complex business, digital performance will force more employees to improve their main professional skills.”Xu Dajun, executive director of State Grid Yinzhou Power Supply Co., LTD., ningbo city, said that the “backflow” of the main business can improve the quality and efficiency of the power supply company. More importantly, the security of the power grid is in their hands, so as to truly consolidate the foundation of electricity.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: