Business logic, lonely escape: don’t be cheated by the complex

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“Day59 production logic, industry, business together behind the logic” ■ Click ● focus ● “cold window empty guard/lonely cold window empty guard”.Can enjoy one to one engineering, real estate, industrial operation comprehensive consultation, the first question free.Engineering, technical planning and research, paper revision, welcome to consult.At the same time, we welcome the exchange of poetry, literature and meditation.● A combination of industrial and commercial real estate becomes a complex.The emergence of complex is inevitable in cities, but not all of them can be successful.And the complex has a very short heyday, as long as after a certain point, it will inevitably go downhill.This is the fate of the complex, as well as the common logic of industry and business carried by it.Industrial real estate is a very important part of the national economy.Commercial real estate, on the other hand, is the foundation of a city.So they almost represent a city’s productivity and competitiveness.Industrial-commercial complex has now become the standard and mainstream architectural form of the city.That means the two are closely related, the two are related.There is a common logic between the two.The logic is that both represent the present.If the housing-recreation building represents the future, then the industrial-commercial complex represents the present of the city.Of course, it may not be now, but it won’t be decades from now.Unlike residential communities, complexes must reach a certain level of maturity within three years of completion.Otherwise, it can be considered a failure and needs to be reinvented.The transformation of such complexes has been repeated in many places, and many of them have lost their capital as a complex.Or the business section is so empty that even the first floor cannot be covered.Or the industrial sector, completely not up to the rental intensity.From a simple measure, the most important things for business are sales and traffic intensity, while the most important things for industry are scale of operation and tax revenue.The two also complement each other.A good complex should achieve a balance between the two industries, that is, the sales and people flow of the commercial part can be driven by the industry, while the strength of the industrial part should be driven by the goodwill brought by the business.As we all know, the more rural the place, the lower the capital cost of the same industry, but why choose the place with higher rent cost.For example, why can first-tier cities attract big companies while second-tier cities cannot compete for them?That is to say, rent cost is only a point, and talent gathering is fundamental.Talent will have a certain recognition of the core area, after all, the income can be guaranteed, but also can have more blessing in the opportunity.The fact that industry and business are mutually reinforcing does not necessarily mean that they can be integrated in the same project.As mentioned above, after planning, many projects can only accommodate one of the modes, which shows that without the location advantage, businesses will lose their advantages.Business is very particular about location, especially now there are too many giant malls, which have exceeded the normal demand.Under the current outbreak, many businesses are suffering.No matter how good, no matter how old the business, can not maintain.This means that the logic of business is starting to change again.If we simply think that e-commerce has defeated traditional business, we can only say that we can’t see the core problem now.Business has moved to a new logic.And this logic will say, well, keep it in suspense.And industry, in fact, is facing the same kind of network shock, which is that more people are working from home.Some foreign companies have announced permanent home office, which shows that home office is a new way of working.Similarly, it will also affect the value performance of industrial real estate.If you want to find an inappropriate example, PERSONALLY think shenzhen office and shopping malls overflow and the decline of rental rate is a very intuitive example.It is not that the environment of Shenzhen has changed, but that the whole industry and business form has changed.Of course, overabundance, oversaturation is also an important factor.After all, no one will casually buy industrial real estate, commercial real estate to expect value preservation and appreciation.Housing is a special case, even a distorted one.And the pension estate may be the new residential property of the future, it is not clear.Then the industrial and commercial complex will have two forms, either industry-led or business-led.Neither is superior or inferior, but you can see it in the layout.For example, Tiding Yang Tianhe City in Guangzhou is a business-driven industrial complex.The Ping An Financial Center in Shenzhen is an industry-driven complex.It can also be seen that Tiding Yang Tianhe City has passed through the peak, and it can also be seen that ping An financial center has prematurely senile situation.Of course, this is a consequence of product iteration and office oversaturation, not the original sin of these two complexes.If they are in the suburbs, second – and third-tier cities, there will be many small commercial streets driven by industrial parks, towns and industrial areas.Although it is not the same project, it embodies the essence of this industry-driven business, that is, the flow of people with spending power drives the whole business.Both have similar sales mode, that is, both sales, especially rental, are carried out through investment channels.But the big difference is that businesses have to tell businesses why there are enough of them.Therefore, business needs to introduce the main store, through the main store to drive the core group.Many domestic malls simply believe that large supermarkets and high-end restaurants are the main stores.Actually, that’s not entirely true.Some businesses, such as Henglong in Shanghai and Tianhuan in Guangzhou, annotate their main stores in different ways.The industry, however, does not need the main store, the most important is the upstream and downstream matching.That is, birds of a feather flock together as an industry of choice, so we see the emergence of many XX cities.This is the need for a certain amount of aggregation, not aggregation will be difficult to form scale effect.And the two, if in some CBD, can be said to naturally fit.But in many places the two are nurtured in diametrically opposite ways, and it is hard to imagine a high-end business and a factory sharing a main road.This difference results in many complexes failing to perform their functions effectively.Of course, both rely heavily on transportation accessibility, but that kind of building doesn’t want to be closer to a transportation hub.Therefore, mispositioning, especially incorrect estimation, is the cause of the failure of many industry-driven complexes, commercial parts.On the contrary, there is also the failure of commerce to drive industry, such as pedestrian streets in most cities.Industrial real estate and commercial real estate are very different, and industrial real estate is even more different. From primary industry to tertiary industry, from the lowest wage industry to the highest wage industry, industrial real estate can be regarded as an industry.Their internal mobility is extremely weak because of the huge differences within them.Therefore, as society changes, this kind of industrial property is constantly changing.It may be a factory ten years ago, an office building ten years later, and a scientific research institution ten years later. These changes are the fate of industrial real estate.Maladjustment and short-term excess have been the biggest challenges in industrial real estate.On the other hand, in business, although unilateral investment is high, differentiation is not high in fact, only the differentiation of people, there is basically no essential difference.Then both the investment in industrial real estate and the investment in commercial real estate have gone too far.The overreach is widespread.As industrial real estate is iterating faster, the inadequacy and overreach are more obvious.Basically, an industry in a region, after seven or eight years, will usher in an upgrade.And if the hardware can not keep up, it will cause a gradual hollowing out.At the same time, it will also lead to regional business hollowing out.Guangzhou’s Huanshi Road business district, almost the country’s oldest CBD, has declined to an unsightly state.What’s more, because the investment is so large, there is no potential for renovation.This is the tragedy of industrial real estate, commercial real estate._ Noun explanation: “industry and business combination” industry (office building, industry, industry), commercial (sales, catering) and other real estate forms coexist in a project, and both of them are heavy projects.It is also true that such projects are already on the street.Housing, commerce, industry and medical care represent the four forms of real estate, but also have their own logic.Housing represents the expectation of the future. The logic is that dreams come true.Business represents the determination of the present. The logic is to live in the present.Industry represents the expectation of the present, the logic is, stay together for warmth;Medical care represents the determination of the future, and the logic is, youth forever._ The pictures are from the Internet, and part of the text is also quoted from the Internet.If there is infringement, please contact the author to delete.Only subscribe, never miss out again.Only like, give motivation.Only reply, have a goal.Your needs are the direction of the author’s research.Write for yourself and cheer for life.The author “lonely cold window empty guarding” poem: lonely cold window, empty guarding peace.Focus on the classics and find a new way.King Kong wisdom, forge ahead.To cast out bricks to attract jade is to make progress.№1069 Date: 220206