Auction house repeatedly hit sky-high price: but folk again good collection is still difficult to realize

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Now many industries are affected by the outbreak, some companies even on the verge of bankruptcy, and is a global, in auction houses, although some auction activities, art and culture exhibition also appeared to cancel or postpone, but compared to other industries, the impact is not big, and after the outbreak of domestic stability,The art and antiquities trade sprang back to life without even needing to be rescued.1: Qing Yongzheng imperial copper tire painting enamelled eight-edged open-glazed Goose figure (a pair), size: H 13.2 cm ×2, Transaction price:However, it has to be said that although cultural relics, antiques, works of art or stone and wood ware are valuable, there is no fixed price, and there is no very detailed and perfect relevant laws and regulations to divide the specific price, so the value of a collection is still very confusing.So selling valuable pieces at auction is the best way to drive up prices.However, if ordinary people have a good collection in their hands, if there is no good channel, then they may not sell it at a good price. No matter whether others believe it is a real treasure or not, the collection itself will also be afraid of the deep alley, and no one will naturally get what high price.2: Qing Qianlong Bronze Auspicious Beast Aromatherapy (a pair), size: height 31 cm, estimate: RMB 2,000,000 ~ 3,000,000, transaction price:RMB 3,248,000 Therefore, some folk collections are nothing more than sales in the special free trade market. In this place, fish and fish are mixed, there are true and false do not say, and the price is also very casual, but there will be no one to buy the high price, no one to believe the low price, resulting in difficult to sell the collection, unable to quickly cash,A collection can take years to sell, and that’s what they call three years of not opening, three years of eating.The collection industry is not only complicated, but also requires a wealth of experience, if you find out later that you have sold at a low price and don’t know how long you will be depressed.3: Qing Qianlong Inched Enamel Kylin back bottle, size: 17.3cm, estimate: HKD 2,500,000 ~ 3,500,000, Transaction price:HKD 3,240,000 items like these collections, antiques, jade and wood wares are generally priced without market, so there will be an awkward situation where both sellers and buyers are not sure about the specific price, especially those who are not professional.But if we go to a very formal auction house channel, then whether we can meet the audit standards, and then carry out a specific evaluation, and finally the auction is also a long experience that sellers who want to sell their collections are not willing to wait.4: Qing Yongzheng Copper “Gan Qing Gong” Double lion ear furnace, size: 28.7cm wide, appraisal: RMB 2,000,000 ~ 3,000,000, transaction price:RMB 3220000 for buyers, afraid to buy fake, also they are worried that spent a large amount of money in vain, but ordinary people can’t afford to go to the auction, so in collection trading chain will appear some cohesion is bad, can’t reach the value of the collection in the auction, but in private sale people wouldn’t buy again,As a result, it is difficult to realize the collection, or even fall into the hands. They can only be stored at home for a long time and cannot find suitable buyers and markets.