A wonderful village in Guizhou, located in a natural cave in Ziyun County, is still inhabited today

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A wonderful village in Guizhou province is located in a natural cave in Ziyun County. Up to now, some people still live here and see the bustling scene of the metropolis, with heavy traffic and light and wine. They think that the life described by Mr. Tao “Picking chrysanthemums under the eastern wall and leisurely seeing the Southern Mountain” is the most comfortable and yearning life.The simple and beautiful life of a rooster crowing and returning at sunset, weeding and planting silkworms, is indeed the little life that anxious society yearns for.Can remember the tao yuanming’s “peach garden” described in “the cloud tuoba who avoid warlords, rate of wife city people here to despair, not return how, hence with outsiders interval” of something, you may want to Mr. Tao’s rural life is too good and does not exist, now the social development so rapidly, the power of science and the power of communication has been around every corner of the globe,Could such an isolated place really exist?Of course there is, in a place you don’t know, in a corner lost by time, there is no lack of fireworks and modern technology, also has Mr. Tao’s idyllic life.If you’re already wondering where this place is, let’s take a look.Every year, there are countless people who travel to Guizhou online. Meimei goes to only a few scenic spots, boring and boring, but there is no other place that can make people fresh and beautiful. Next, this place may be what you want to find.Grid in our country, ziyun county convex river panxi pond town village, here is a small stockade, lived inside a lot of miao people, this is the hole in the miao, it is our country and even in Asia last cave village, you can’t believe, in guiyang city with developed science and technology, 160 kilometers away, there was a not know shangri-la to outsiders.When we got there, we were completely blown away by what we saw. There was a big round cave in the middle of the mountains, where the Miao people lived.In order to avoid bandits, they came to this cave, where they built houses and lived a simple life of farming by men and weaving by women. Then they used their woven cloth and surplus fruits and vegetables to sell them in the market and get some change as a subsidy for their family.This mysterious place, finally is known by people, people with curiosity about this place, came here.More and more people know this place. After it was opened to the public as a scenic spot, all the water caves, karst caves and clear pools that you can see today were built later under the attention of the government.Zhongdong Miao Village has become a popular location for many TV programs and variety channels. After the convenient road and network are finally available here, there are also many tourists yearning to live in such a stockade, another popular scenic spot in Guizhou was born.